About the Project:
The client requested us to do a large translation project from English to Thai language. There are total 120000 words. It belongs to a technical file. We should finish it within 15 days. The file format is ppt and doc. Our client also provides ttx files to be translated.

There are many challenges to finish this project well. The client’s requirements and/or the challenges are as following:

1. Urgent. We should finish it within 15 days;

2. Glossary. Our client provide glossary, however, there are some typos and mistranslation;

3. Consistence. Deliver it by 8 batches. We should keep consistence for all batches.

4. The format of cleaning file.

CCJK Solution:
1. We did test translation in December. But the project began formally in Feb. 1st. There are total 120000 words.

2. In December, we did a test translation about 6000 words which was finished within 2 days. The client also sent Glossary to us. He asked us to keep consistence with Glossary. However, our translator found that there are many typos and mistranslation. Our translator spent a lot of time to amend it. And we sent the updated Glossary to the client for final confirmation.

3. We use tools to control it.

a. we use Trados 2011 to do it. The client provides ttx files to be translated. However, Trados 2011 is more convenient than Trados 2007. Therefore, we suggest to do this project by Trados 2011. We make files into the project package, importing the TM(tmx), Termbase(.mdb). The translator can search terms in TM and TB.

b. we use QA tool – xbench to check consistence for 8 batches. We do QA by xbench when we receive translation files.

4. We enforced TEP strictly. As we all know, after cleaning the xliff files, there are often some format problems, such as space, punctuation etc. This kind of problem can be examined during this course. Besides, the PM will check the file before delivering to the client.

About Client
This client is our VIP client, a language service agent. We ever did a large English-Thai translation IT project. And also we always do English-Chinese, English-Japanese, English-Indonesia, English-Malay, English-Spanish, English-French, English-Arabic translation……

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