Since this February, when our client, a famous event organizer in Asia, sent us the job enquiry, we had already started making preparation for this interpretation event. Started from recruiting, picking up candidates, making our final decision of which interpreters to hire, to curtain-dropping of the event, step by step, to ensure the quality, we were very cautious on every procedure. Lasting for nearly half a year, it finally turned out to be a very successful event. We had also met some challenges as listed below.

First, recruitment of the interpreters. Qualification is not the only factor that we took into consideration while picking up a candidate, but also his or her location, time arrangement and price. Since this event was held in Beijing, it is very easy for us to find the qualified, Beijing-Located interpreters, but as to the English to Korean interpreters, we would hardly find someone who is not only qualified, but also lives in Beijing.

Second, the communication among client, CCJK and interpreters. We played a very essential role between the client and the interpreters during the communication. Whether the event would be successful or not, it depends on whether the communication was carried out clearly, precisely and accurately or not. Since the client had changed several times on their requirements and instructions, we must and have to check every change with the client carefully.

Started from recruiting, picking up candidates, testing interpreters, making our final decision of which interpreters to hire, figuring out client’s detail requirements, to curtain-dropping of the event, step by step, to ensure the quality, we took care every procedure cautiously.

In the procedure of recruiting Chinese interpreters, we quickly and successfully made final decision. As for the Korean interpreter, as we all know that, it is not easy to find the English to Korean interpreter who is not only qualified, but also lives in Beijing. Thus, we finally chose the qualified Korean interpreter who will fly to Beijing when the event came.

Make a list for client’s detail requirements and event arrangements. We contacted and communicated with the client on time when we met any query on the event procedures.

Last but not the least; listen to the feedback from the client. Feedback is always the most powerful energy for us to make improvement and progresses.

We got more familiar with the procedures on how to deal with an interpretation event, we have more qualified interpreting talents supporting us, and we gained more confidence on handling future interpretation events successfully.

Maybe we are not yet experiential enough in handling interpreting events, but we are the partner that will try best to meet your requirements, that will carry out your instructions accurately and that will gain us a win-win.

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