Korean (한국어/조선말) is the official language of South Korea and North Korea. It is also one of the two official languages in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in People’s Republic of China. There are about 78 million Korean speakers worldwide. Korean is an important world language, ranked 14th in terms of native speakers, of which there are some 71 million people in both North and South Korean and in some places in neighbouring China. Worldwide, the figure is closer to 80 million speakers.

The Korean language has many differences from languages such as English, one of the main differences being that Korean has a different word order from that of English. For example, an English sentence is composed in the order: subject – verb – object. In contrast, a Korean sentence is composed in the order: subject (which is sometimes even omitted) – object – verb. This is a very simple example of the different word order. When writing, Koreans rarely use colons or semicolons. Sometimes foreigners without sufficient understanding of the Korean language insist that Korean translations must place the colons and semicolons found in the original English source text.

CCJK is a professional company which provides helpful and speedy solutions for clients. We only use experienced, native Korean translators for all our Korean translation assignments. They are capable of translating in a number of Korean dialects, all of whom specialise in a number of different areas of translation to give the best possible results for our customers. We then make sure the formatting is correct, which is particularly important for Korean, providing a final Korean translation of excellent quality.

We have established a set of strict process, that is, translating, editing and proofreading. So it ensures the high quality translation service. Over 10 years of experience in world language translation has helped CCJK accumulate extensive experience in the translation of various types of document in different file formats.

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