Human has progressed so quick, if we look back at 2010 it will look like ages old. Now we love to shop from virtual shops, it’s like an illusion of real world window shopping.

A website for your business is a great way to market. Have a Great Site; you web design and visual magnetism of the way it helps to attract the attention of many visitors, make sure that is required.

Your website should use state of the art tools and technologies but it should also be very user friendly. Key factor involve in website designing is selection of technology to use and user focus. You should know the needs of your users; know your user.

If you combine this thing with a wonderful marketing methodology, you will see a huge surge in your customer base. User could do shopping right from their couch and it will give them an impression of physically being there.

Virtual technologies and upcoming 3D technologies will make it possible to view items in real time, experience them as you are present at the moment. This will radically change the way we think and we live.

The direst thing is you should know what message you want to convey to your users. The answer of this question will help you in website development and also selecting your marketing strategy. It will help you to select the theme of your website and it will also set the pace for next phase.

Planning is very important because future success is directly dependent on how good your planning is. If you have done good market research, user research and set the theme of website accordingly, then it will put a very positive first impression on your users.

You website should be attractive to users, there should be some corners that user should explore, it will increase user interaction and user will stay longer on your website. There should be some surprise element in the design that user will return to your website again. E-Commerce is a major driving factor in today’s economy. You should clearly rethink your strategy, choose right person to develop and market.

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