Recently CCJK received an Audit Breakdown Translation Job around 70W words.

This is really a huge task for us, after the whole company’s collaboration, this project runs smoothly and delivered in time!

Here i want to share some Audit Vocabulary for you.

Chinese Preferred Translation Backup Translation
审计调查表 Audit Breakdown
固定资产变动表 Breakdown of Changes in Fixed Assets Sheet of change of fixed assets
固定资产抵押 Pledged Fixed Assets Mortgage of fixed assets
固定资产明细 Breakdown of Fixed Assets Statement of fixed assets
固定资产增加及减少清单 Addition and Disposal of Fixed Assets List of increase and decrease of fixed assets
租赁固定资产明细表 Breakdown of Finance Leased Fixed Assets Statement of lease of fixed assets
在建工程 Construction in Progress Construction in process
无形资产 Intangible Assets
长期待摊费用 Long-term deferred and prepaid expenses Amortization
存货账龄 Aging Analysis of Inventory Aging of inventory
应收票据明细表 Breakdown of Notes Receivable Statement of notes receivable
应收帐款明细表 Breakdown of Accounts Receivable Statement of accounts receivable
应收账款账龄分析 Aging analysis of accounts receivable
坏账准备 Provision for Bad Debts Bad debt reserves
其他应收款明细表 Breakdown of other Accounts Receivable Statement of other accounts receivable
预付账款明细表 Breakdown of Prepayment Statement of advance payment accounts
待摊费用明细表 Breakdown of Deferred Expenses
长期投资 Long-term Investments
短期及长期借款明细表 Breakdown of Short-term and Long-term Liabilities Statement of short – term investments and long – term loan
应付票据明细 Breakdown of Notes Payable
收入成本及毛利率分析 Costs of Goods Sold and Gross Profit Margin Analysis Analysis of revenue cost and rate of gross profit
所有者权益 Owner’s Equity
预提费用 Withholding Expenses Accrued expense in advance

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