Clients are always first in business. There are some tips for establishing a long-term relationship with your clients.


No one wants to be pushed by others. Supposing that you are pushed by others, will you feel good? I can say that you would not feel good or even getting angry. When clients are very busy with their work, they would feel being bothered about your pushing. In this circumstance, you should calm down though you want to get the order very much. Just by pushing, you will get a very bad effect. You may even lose your promising order.


You should think from the perspective of clients. You should always ask yourself, why should clients give you this job? Is your quote very reasonable? Is your service of high-quality? If you cannot meet the two requirements, how could you get the order? One more thing, you should also pay attention.

Is your delivery time very punctual? If you cannot meet clients’ requirements regarding this, it is also hard for you to get the order. Providing that clients want her job completed in a very short time, you should try to make sure that your delivery time is ok for this.


You should take advantage of your merits. For instance, if you are very fluent in oral English, you could try to speak to clients. This may help clients have confidence in you. At least, he may feel that you are just close to him from the bottom of their hearts. Try to be very professional in the relevant field, you should make clients feel that you are professional and experienced. Do not be too much serious. Always remember that you are going to make friends with clients. Maybe easy and funny ways of speaking skills would be more compatible then others.

In a word, try every means to get the order from clients!