Here are some basic methods on how to do financial translation.

First, fully recoding

Whatever proper nouns, terminology often use this method because these words generally don’t have the problem of polysemy when doing translation. Therefore, it is easy to translate in this situation. Such kinds of words include the name of bank, organization, cities and etc.

Second, partially recoding

With regards of polysemy, the meaning of the context should be given consideration to determine the corresponding or similar words. For example, “launch” in “to launch a training program, class, and course” and “to launch a satellite” has different saying in target language.

Third, artistic treatment

It is commonly known that translation is a process of recreation. It is rare to translate by simple recoding. So various methods are used to make sense the expression.

1. Merging

Two or more sentences are merged into one or few sentences.

For example:

I am going to Shanghai by air. I like flying

These two short sentences can be merged into one when translating them into target language.

2. Dissembling

For long sentences, especially in legal documents, the long sentence can be dissembled into several short sentences for easy understanding.

3. Changing word order

The word order often needs to be changed in order to comply with the ways of expression of the target readers

4. Adding or deleting words

Expressing the same thing or same concept, different people may use different words. Sometimes it needs to add or delete words in accordance with the context.

5. Changing parts of speech

Sometimes, the part of speech is changed match the ways of expression in target language, for example, from noun to verb and vice versa.

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