Maybe translation of address seems simple. But there are still some points which need to pay attention to.

Here comes an example:


Room 201, 18 Tianchang Road, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.

We can see that the sequence has been upside down. It is the common sense that we Chinese are used to refer the big place first, while the westerners are the opposite.

So there is a rule. In Chinese, the address is “×国×省×市×区×路×号”, but in English it should be “×号×路(Road),×区(District),×市(City),×省(Province),×国”.(Note: when you need to use the pinyin,that is, the Chinese phonetic alphabets, to translate a place, like “黄岩”, you should not separate the two words’ pinyin, namely, “黄岩”should be “Huangyan” instead of “Huang Yan”.)

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Some expressions to remember.

1、国家(State):中华人民共和国(the People’s Republic of China; P.R.China; P.R.C; China)

2、 省级(Provincial Level):省(Province)、自治区(Autonomous Region )、直辖市(Municipality directly under the Central Government, 简称Municipality);特别行政区(Special Administration Region; SAR)

3、地级(Prefectural Level): 地区(Prefecture)、自治州(Autonomous Prefecture)、市(Municipality;City);盟(Prefecture);

4、县级(County Level):县(County)、自治县(Autonomous County)、市(City)、市辖区(District), 旗(County)

5、乡级(Township Level):乡(Township)、民族乡(Ethnic Township)、镇(Town)、街道办事处(Sub-district)。

For example:

(1)上海市崇明县中兴镇 Zhongxing Town, Chongming County, Shanghai (Municipality).

(2) 内蒙古自治区呼伦贝尔盟 Hulunbeir Prefecture,Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Then let’s look at the detailed address, which is about the suite or room.

“幢”, “栋”, “…号楼” actually mean the same. All can be translated into “Building”. “室” is “Room” or “Suite”. (Note: Suite means “套房”, a connected series of rooms to be used together. Room means a portion of space within a building or other structure, separated by walls or partitions from other parts. Suite consists of several rooms, like a three room suite.)

e.g. 东一办公楼五层1-3室 Rm. 1-3, 5/F, Office Building E1

景芳公寓3单元402房 Suite 402, Unit 3, Jingfang Apt.

国际贸易大厦A座6层608室 Room 608, 6/F, Tower A , International Trade Building

香港重庆大厦 A 座 4 – 5 楼 Block A, 4/F & 5/F, Chungking Mansion,H.K.