Twitter user: “Does everybody have a toothache?”

Twitter “难道每个人都牙疼吗?” ——在日本各大社交网站的自拍照以及流行杂志的封面照中,人们都爱手扶着脸颊。有推特用户吐槽道。 "Does everyone have a toothache?" - A Twitter user wrote for fun, because, in Japan, people love to hold the hand to the face as if they have a toothache. The craze is sweeping selfies in Japanese social media and fashion magazine front covers. “诺基亚是一家伟大公司,我们认可你们在行业中做出的杰出贡献。我们相信你们也是一群有梦想的人,阿里巴巴愿意为即将离开的优秀人才提供一个梦想的舞台。” ——阿里巴巴向诺基亚被裁员工抛出橄榄枝,欢迎他们加入阿里巴巴。 "Nokia is a great company, so we recognize the outstanding contribution you have made in the industry. We believe that you are also a group of people who have dreams, and Alibaba is willing to provide a platform to realize your dreams for the excellent talents who are leaving Nokia." - Alibaba is extending an olive branch to the dismissed employees of Nokia and welcomes them to join Alibaba. “我也问他们,大 N 记走下坡路不是一天两天了,为什么拖到被裁了才想起来找新工作?他们的答案基本一样:‘诺基亚好啊!外企待遇,薪水高假期多工作少,基本不用干活儿,所以之前舍不得走。’对这些人我只能说,抱歉了,小米真的没有这种好职位啊!” ——小米公关在微博上嘲讽被裁的前诺基亚员工。 "I asked them that the great Nokia is on the decline for a long time, but why you never decide to find a new job until being dismissed. Their answers are basically the same: ‘Nokia is great! We did not want to leave before because we enjoyed a good treatment in the foreign company with a high salary, a long holiday and a small workload. There was nearly nothing to do during work time.’ To them, what I can say is only sorry. No such a good position exists in Xiaomi!” - Xiaomi’s public relations officer sneers at the former Nokia employees who have been dismissed on Sina Microblog. From: The Huxiu Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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