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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 特级初榨橄榄油 Pure Olive Oil 纯净橄榄油 Olive Oil 橄榄油 Olive Pomace Oil 橄榄渣油 Extra Light Olive Oil 淡橄榄油 Medium-grade Virgin Olive Oil 中级初榨橄榄油 Lampante Virgin Olive Oil 初级初榨橄榄油 Refined Olive Oil 精炼橄榄油 Regional Oil 产地油 Bulk Oil 工业油 Estate Oil 庄园油 Free Fatty Acids 自由脂肪酸 Peroxide 过氧化值 Absorbency in ultraviolet 紫外线吸光度

Color    Yellow/green with gold reflections 颜色      呈金色光泽的黄色或绿色 Smell    A clear smell of olives               With sensations of grass, almond, flowers 气味     很明显的橄榄味道              混合着青草、杏仁和鲜花的气息 Flavor  Olive fruity               Bitter               Piquant               With balance and harmony 风味      橄榄果味               苦味               辛辣味               三种口感均衡共融 Intensity of the fruity sensation Delicate Intermediate Intense 果香浓度 清淡的果香味 口味适中的果香味 浓郁的果香味

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made mainly with Coratina olives, which are very rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Its intensely fruity flavor has a hint of spicy and bitter. Its Quality and Authenticity are guaranteed by an independent certification body. It is exceptional for dressing vegetables, salads, soups, bruschettà and grilled meat. 该款特级初榨橄榄油主要产自 Coratina 橄榄,这种橄榄含有丰富的抗氧化剂和维生素。 其浓郁的果香带有少许辛辣和苦涩味。 其质量和真伪有独立的认证机构提供保证。其特别适用于给蔬菜、沙拉、汤类、意式烤面包和烤肉调味。

This prestigious Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by using a centuries-old method. We hand-skim a small quantity of olive oil (2-3%) that naturally rises to the surface of the olive paste after milling. Its delicate flavor makes it the ideal dressing for fish, seafood, salads and delicate dishes. 该款享誉盛名的特级初榨橄榄油是用数世纪古老的方法精制而成。 我们手工提取经碾磨后自然漂浮至橄榄酱表面的少量橄榄油(2-3%)。 其细腻的风味使其成为鱼类、海鲜、沙拉和美味佳肴的理想调味品。

 Natural Flavored Oil They are natural dressings, produced by crushing olives and fresh herbs or citrus fruits together, without the use of any added essences. They are perfect for dressing your favorite dishes with imagination and for preparing tasty sauces. 天然调味油 它们是天然的调味品,通过碾碎橄榄、香草,或柑橘类水果精制而成,未添加任何香精。 它们适用于对你最爱的菜肴进行创意调味和制作味道鲜美的调味汁。

This is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from Coratlna and Ogilatola olives. These olives have been cultivated with natural techniques, for at least three years without any chemical fertilizers. It is certified and guaranteed by Icea. It has the NOP certification recognized in the USA. Very good for dressing salads, pasta, fish, white meat, vegetables. 该款特级初榨橄榄油提取自Coratlna和Ogilatola橄榄。 这些地区的橄榄采用自然方式培育,培育时间最短为三年,无任何化学肥料。 其由Icea提供认证和质量保证。 其还有美国认可的NOP认证。 适用于给沙拉、意式面食、鱼类、白肉和蔬菜调味.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using olives of the Coratina and Ogliarola varieties, hand-picked in the Galantino family olive groves. Its medium fruity flavor is ideal for creating balanced dishes, for pasta, risotto and salads. Very good for frying. 该种特级初榨橄榄油由Galantino家族橄榄果园中精选的Coratina和Ogliarola橄榄的变种制成。 其口味适中的果香适用于制作口味适中的菜肴,也适用于意式面食、意式调味饭和沙拉。 特别适合油炸。

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