To enhance our phrase sense

To learn a language well, the importance of the phrase sense is indubitable. In addition to their talent on a language, it is more important to cultivate the sense of the phrase through practice. As for how to practice, I think there are two aspects: the first one is intonation, The main problem is it seems there is always a trend of falling tone or even no tone and strange intonation when speaking. In this regard, we have to pay attention to find the law and the difference For example, to express something you do not want to do: “I don’t wanna sth”, at this time, we can simply find a intonation of this kind of sentence, then imitate, such as “I don't wanna go”, seize this kind of tone, you can always use this tone for these type sentences, then we are able to master. The second is to find the difference. Many of the same sentences, the meaning of the words will change with the changes of tone. Then we should figure out the context. Like “come on”, the meaning always changes along with the intonation. we can improve the sense by watching native movies. And the sencond aspect is redundant language: It’s what we often said, but most of the time there is no literal meaning in that sentence, the more common phrase such as, “you know”, “I mean”, “well”, “actually” and so on, sometimes we can not remember what we gonna to say, then we can use these kind of languages, it will sounds more nature. I think if we insist practicing, we will get improvement unconsciously.

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