To choose correct lexicon with the similar meaning of ‘opinion’

In English, there are some lexicon with the similar meaning of ‘opinion’, namely, ‘意见’, however, while translating  Chinese –> English, we should choose correct lexicon according to the different context, here I’d like to share some examples with us. 1.干部应该虚心听取群众的意见。 A cadre should listen carefully to the opinion of the masses. 2.你应该听从医生的意见。 You should follow the doctor’s advice. 3.汤姆对此很有意见。 Tom has a lot of complaints about it. 4.许多人对这种做法很有意见。 Many people took vigorous exception to such behavior. 5.她对该教学计划提出了一些修改意见。 She made some suggestions for the revision of the teaching plan. 6.双方在昨天的会上闹起了意见。 Both sides got into dispute at the meeting yesterday. 7.中美双方就双边关系及共同关心的问题交换了意见。 China and the United States exchanged views on bilateral relations and issues of common concern. 8.双方取得了一致意见。 Both sides reached an agreement. 9.她们在这件事上意见不一。 They have a disagreement with this. 10.全班就推举谁做班长取得了一致的意见。 The whole class has reached unanimity on who will be the monitor. 11.如果没有意见,现在散会。 If there is no objection, the meeting is over.

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