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When translating the title for marketint materials, the translation should be as attractive, informative and short as possbible, in addition to delivering the intended meaning of the source. It is not easy. It entails extenstive lauguage and excellent writing skills in both sourcet language and target language. Here are some exaamples. Thoughtful Technology 贴心的科技 Individuality, Standing Out in a Crowd 出类拔萃的个性化 Visitors up after makeover 翻新有助推升人流 Culinary delights 汇聚多元化著名餐厅 Distinctive concept stores 开拓特色概念店 Leaving the decisions to the professionals 让专家为您作出投资决策 Engaging the world 怀抱天下 Our Students and the Community 本校学生融入社区 Ignite a Glimmer of Hope, Give and You Shall Receive 点燃希望 施受共融 To those who care 献给每一位有心人 DAKAR RALLY WIN GIVES AL-ATTIYAH THE EDGE AL-ATTIYAH 摘得 DAKAR RALLY 桂冠,初露锋芒 QUICK CHANGE 迅速改观,焕然一新 NO DOWNTIME 安装迅捷,无需停工 GO WITH THE FLOW 引领潮流,创新连连 More Teens Have Sex and Fewer Parents Know 少年多食禁果,父母鲜知实情  Twilight Time 暮色苍茫  Generational Transition at the Family Business 家族企业,代代相传 The above titles are short but impressive! Such titles tend to push the readers to read through your materials. Therefore, that is the pricinple to follow when we translating the titles.

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