The Flower of War and Translation of Film Title

The Flower of War is about the war between China and Japan. The story happened on Dec. 13, 1937. Japanese army entered Nanjing on that day. A group of female students were fleeing to a Catholic church. On the way to the church, they met a small group of Chinese soldiers. The Japanese army also followed them. So the group of Chinese soldiers fight with the Japanese, and all of them were killed in action because the Japanese army had three tanks. Under the protection of the Chinese soldiers, the female students reached the church. At the same time, 12 prostitutes also got to the church, they wanted to hide from the fighting soldiers. There were a priest and a little clerk in the church. They could hardly protected the students and prostitutes. Later, Japanese soldiers also entered the church. They wanted to preserve these girls for the entering ceremony of Nanjing. So the Japanese army provided them with food and arranged guards outside of the church. In the evening, the priest managed to repair a truck in the church. And the prostitutes were dressed like the students and they took instead of the students to the entering ceremony. On the other hand, the priest drived the truck carrying the students and went out of Nanjing. The name of the film was translated into "金陵十三钗". Zhang Yimou's other films' name were also translated into English, such as 满城尽带黄金甲 (The City of Golden Armor), 千里走单骑 (Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles) and 十面埋伏 (House of Flying Daggers). The Translation of Adjective Clause He who respects others is constantly respected. 敬人者恒敬之。 The man whom we met in the theatre yesterday is my teacher. 昨天我们在戏院里遇见的那人是我的老师。 The girl whose work got the prize is the youngest in the class. 作品获奖的女孩是全班中年纪最小的。 The letter that I am writing is an English letter. 我现在写的这封信是一封英文信。 This is the book which I chose. 这就是我所选定的书。 Sunday is the day when I am least busy. 星期天是我最清闲的时候。 I don't know the exact place where you want to go. 我不知道你到底要到哪里去。 That's the reason why I like to study Chinese. 那就是我喜欢读中文的理由。 While he was staying in England, he made a study of old castles. 他在英国时,专门从事古堡的研究。 There is no child but knows him. 三尺童子无不识之。 No man but errs. 人孰无过。 He is not such a fool but that he knows it. 彼纵下愚,犹能知此。 He is not such a fool but what he can tell a friend from a foe. 彼虽下愚,尚不至认敌为友。(The End)

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