Targeted Proposal Submission

In most people’s view, the more proposals you submit, the more chances for being awarded the job you will have, I think so. But I also think the proposal submission should not be blind, we should do targeted proposal submission. Firstly, I think we should know well of our services scope. CCJK services scope covers various languages translation and localization, DTP( Desktop Publishing), website design, graphic design, software development, SEO etc. Furthermore, we should know which kinds of projects we can do while which projects we cannot do. This is very important for submitting proposals. If you find one project is beyond our ability largely, I believe we’d better not to bid on it, this will help to save energy and time, also even if the client awards it to us, our situation will be rough due to the difficulties to have it completed, we can save much energy for other projects. Secondly, to read the project description carefully. I believe most of us have templates for proposals so that we can submit quickly. But in my opinion, it seems to be more important that if you have read the project description carefully. Generally, the client post a job on the purpose to find the competent and affordable contractor. Most of the clients would describe their requirements while posting projects. If we read these requirements carefully and we provide detailed solution and information or some questions accordingly, I believe this will help to draw the clients’ attention and will increase the chances getting jobs. On the contrary, if you don’t take any time to read the requirements or give an analysis, and you just send an existing proposal template out, it will be very likely to be declined or ignored. Especially what must bring to the attention is: not to submit the proposal template on wrong subject. Thirdly, sincerity and samples will also help much! Hope these personal opinions will be of some use. ^_^

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