‘SPARKLING SECRETS’----TRANSLATION OF ADJECTIVES IN SALT MAGAZINE Swarovski’s Salt magazine publishes a variety of Swarovski Elements-related news, stories, interviews, etc. of the world’s fashion, jewelry, architecture, design, film and stage. The words and expressions used in their articles, just like Swarovski Element embellished outfits or adornments, “big, brassy, brash, bold”, sparkling “poetic brilliance”. How to represent the “poetic brilliance” of those fancy words in a completely different language? For me, I tend to employ “instrumental translation”, “which is intended to achieve the same (or similar or analogous) functions as the source text”. Translation is an instrument for communication interaction. To achieve the same or similar functions of the source text, here means the exquisite and colorful language effect, the original form, order, literal meaning might be changed, revised or completely omitted. 1 For clothing and fabrics: gusts of colour and fabric dress “revealing” revealing Versace dress  暴露的范思哲裙子 most revealing pieces最具啟迪意義的作品 barely-there dress  大幅度袒露的裙子 legendary strapless number傳奇性的黑色露肩禮服 Gloriously over-the-top evening gowns 華美的加長晚禮服 show-stopping eveningwear光華奪目的晚裝 sugary pastel dresses 嫵媚的粉彩長裙 “striking”, “dazzling” and “stunning” striking womenswear collections 讓人眼前一亮的女裝系列 striking black gown璀璨黑色晚禮服 dazzling clothing令人眼花繚亂的服裝 a dazzling, diaphanous Art Deco-inspired gold and silver outfit閃閃發光的精緻金銀服裝 a stunning silk bridal gown光彩照人的新娘禮服 stunning creations 令人驚艷的作品 stunning looks個精美絕倫的造型 a stunning Christmas window display精緻奢華的聖誕櫥窗展覽 gorgeous, exquisite, magnificent, memorable and others ravishing couture pieces 令人陶醉的女裝 gorgeous outfits華麗的服裝 exquisite wedding dress 精美的婚禮服 The magnificent 10th Anniversary outfit華麗的 10 週年慶典服裝 ultra-feminine, embellished dresses柔美嬌麗、精緻繁複的長裙 the most ground-breaking and memorable fashion looks 最具開創性和紀念性的時裝作品 high-value pieces價值極高的展品 dramatic centrepiece 激動人心的重頭展品 A romantic collection 浪漫的系列 fabulous bespoke creations最新款定制服裝 showy, conspicuous and not-safe-for-work image花哨、搶眼、不適於工作場合的形象 fabrics and patterns in gusts of colour and fabric色彩和織物的盛宴 showy in the extreme 艷麗到極點 luxuriously textured fabrics奢華織物 a fusion of textile detail and meticulous tailoring.織物細節與細緻裁剪相融合 dynamic, colorful patterns富有動感、豐富多彩的圖案 Hand-painted, stylized botanical patterns 手繪的風格化植物圖案 hand-painted florals 手繪花朵 clever prints and stylized motifs 巧妙的印花和風格化的圖案 romantic floral prints浪漫的花卉圖案 striking images, combining strong composition and精美絕倫的圖片、不同凡響的構圖 colors amazing colors and unique techniques令人驚歎的色彩和獨特技術 in bold, saturated colors 色彩大膽飽和 sumptuous colours色彩亮麗 iridescent shimmering color 繽紛閃爍的色彩 in rich shades of tangerine and magenta.深淺不一的橘紅和洋紅 2 For crystals, jewelry and accessories: SPARKLING SECRETS Crystals SPARKLING SECRETS璀璨之謎 a sparkling clear- crystal pavé shell pendant光彩奪目的透明水晶密鑲貝殼吊墜 sparkling Swarovski Elements璀璨的 Swarovski Elements scudding crystal shower傾瀉而出的水晶雨 dazzling Swarovski Elements, beads, feathers and sequins璀璨的 Swarovski Elements、珠子、羽毛和亮片 the seductive sparkle of crystal水晶的璀璨魅力 timeless crystals永恆的水晶 delicate crystals精緻水晶 the elegant facets of the Chessboard cut優雅的 Chessboard 切割面 from delicate beading to opulent crystals從精緻珠飾到華麗水晶 jewelry and accessories stunning, sparkling and spectacular, opulent stunning jewels精美珠寶 sparkling BeCharmed Pavés璀璨閃亮的 BeCharmed Pavés sparkling chain mail and leather  閃亮的鎖子甲和皮革 twinkling embellishment閃亮裝飾 spectacular jewelry光華奪目的珠寶 The spectacular Lemon Fancy Stone 巧奪天工的 Lemon Fancy Stone a spectacular, one-off pair of glittering heels 富麗奢華的獨版閃亮高跟鞋 spectacular engagement ring豪華的婚戒 opulent adornment豐富的裝飾 opulent leather and suede clutch bags 華麗的皮革和麂皮手袋 theatrical, show-stopping, unique, fabulous and others theatrical jewelry 華麗珠寶 a collection of show-stopping jewelry引人注目的珠寶系列 craft unique pieces for global celebrities為全球名人精心設計過獨特的珠寶 fabulous statement cuffs, necklaces and clutch bags精美絕倫的手環、項鏈和手袋 sophisticated gadgetry複雜精巧的配備 soft, sheer layers and decadent metallic details柔軟透明的層疊和頹廢的金屬細節 illuminated heels  閃亮高跟鞋 fantasy footwear美麗鞋子 3 For effects of Swarovski Elements the tangible aura of luxury有形的奢侈氣息 adding luxurious glamour to 增添奢華氣息 glint subtly and romantically 散發出柔和浪漫的光芒 refined splendor精緻華美 stunning simplicity驚人的單純 restrained elegance 內斂的優雅 simple sophistication單純精密 poetic brilliance 詩意的光芒 timeless and versatile永恆而靈動 chic vintage effect 不落俗套的復古效果 a blend of sharp and sinuous混合著峻利與柔美 ethereal, dreamlike quality如夢似幻的飄渺氛圍 vivid effect 栩栩如生的效果 a breathtaking display 令人嘆為觀止的效果 fascinating spatial surprises.形成神奇的空間效果 luminescent optical effects閃爍迷離的視覺效果 lavish aestheti奢華的審美美感 partly fictional concoction 亦虛亦幻的混合體 tongue-in-cheek flashback sequence亦真亦幻的倒敘場景 evoking a magical winter fairytale. 喚醒了神奇的冬日神話。 the memorable moment 難忘場景 a scene-stealing performance不凡的表現 magnificent finale華美壯觀的結尾部分 impressive new film documentary 令人印象深刻的電影紀錄片 a dazzling, death-defying stunt令人眼花繚亂的殊死搏鬥 enchanting secret garden 迷人的私密花園 the most glamorous showcase最富魅力的時尚秀 that gorgeous, over-the-top screen-siren sleekness華麗燦爛的迷人螢幕 enticing sense of movement誘人動感 youthful femininity 年輕女性的柔美 exquisite figure玲瓏有致的身段 femme fatale冶艷美人 dazzling image光彩四射的形象 a dynamic, purposeful image富有動感、活力的形象 4 For talented people A-list jeweler 傑出的珠寶設計師 compelling designer 引人注目的設計師 leading designers引領潮流的設計師 leading design talents 頂尖設計人才 foremost designer首屈一指的設計師 The venerable Korean fashion designer 備受尊敬的韓國時裝設計師 the most famous shoe designers最著名的鞋子設計師 the world’s top shoe designers全球頂尖皮鞋設計師 the world’s best designers世界最優秀設計師 the stellar talents全球最優秀的鞋子設計師 A-list milliner精英女帽設計師 legendary milliner傳奇女帽設計師 legendary hat maker傳奇帽商 legendary New York pop artist紐約傳奇波普藝術家 fashion’s finest時尚界最出色的人物 influential Editor富有影響力的編輯 LEGENDARY FASHION EDITOR 傳奇的時尚編輯 Renowned fashion editor  著名時尚編輯 Oscar-winning screenwriter 獲奧斯卡獎的編劇家 influential contemporary artist當代重要藝術家 ESTABLISHED AND EMERGING ARTISTS成名或新興藝術家 the world’s most innovative and artistic talents世界最具創意和藝術才華的才智之士 THE WORLD’S BEST-KNOWN FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER全球最富盛名的時尚攝影師 A SEASONED EXPERT豐富的專業經驗 leading cultural institutions主要文化機構 top Korean companies 韓國頂尖公司 leading international publications 全球重量級出版物 the groundbreaking Vogue China開拓性的 Vogue China 雜誌 creative partnerships富有創造力的合作夥伴 A STARRING ROLE扮演著主要角色 high-profile fans高端粉絲 high-profile collaborations 倍受矚目的合作 a vivid imagination豐富的想像力 one of the most fertile minds in the industry這個行業最為活躍的大腦 Influential and inventive富有影響力和創造力 distinctive signature獨特風格 perpetual innovation 無限創造力 overflowing creativity蓬勃的創造力 a touching intimacy 令人感動的親切與熟悉 impressive technical skills令人喝采的工藝技術 impressive style令人難忘的方式 impeccable technique無可挑剔的技術 in fresh, unexpected ways以新鮮而出人意料的方式 a profound effect 深刻影響

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