Make Your Translation More Readable (2)

3. Do not arrange the sentence in the order as it was done in the original sentence, instead, localize it and make it fluent. 1) Current healthcare and wellness benefit options, including dental and vision, will remain the same throughout 2011 and 2012. After the close, we will make decisions about how the healthcare and wellness benefits will be integrated. 當前的醫療保健和健康福利選項,包括牙科和眼科,在 2011 年和 2012 年將保持不變。合併完成後,我們將做出關於整合醫療保健和健康福利的決定。 目前的醫療保健和健康福利選項(包括牙科和眼科)在 2011 年和 2012 年將保持不變。合併完成後,我們將做出關於如何整合醫療保健和健康福利的決定。 2) Secondly, for your review, here is a copy of a letter that customers may receive regarding the merger. 其次,這裡有一封客戶可能收到的關於合併的信件副本,供你複習。 此外,這裡是一封可能發給客戶的關於合併的信件副本供您參考。 3) What percent of your patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) would you classify into each group below in terms of type of atrial fibrillation? 您会将多大比例心房颤动 (AF) 患者归入以下心房颤动类型组呢? 在您的心房纤颤 (AF) 患者中,属于以下各类型所占比例分别是多少? 4) What percent of your patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) would you classify into each gender group below? 您会将多大比例心房颤动 (AF) 患者归入以下性别组呢? 您的心房纤颤 (AF) 患者中性别比例如何? 5) What percent of your patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) have a history of stroke/ transient ischemic attack (TIA)? 多大比例心房颤动 (AF) 患者存在卒中/短暂性脑缺血发作 (TIA) 呢? 在您的心房纤颤 (AF) 患者中,具有卒中/短暂性脑缺血发作 (TIA) 病史的比例是多少? 6) What percent of your patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) ages 50 to 90 would you classify into each age group below? 您会将多大比例 50-90 岁心房颤动 (AF) 患者归入以下性别组呢? 在您的 50-90 岁心房纤颤 (AF) 患者中,属于以下年龄段各占比例如何? 4. The writing style of the translation should match the original article. For scientific and technological articles, the style should be more formal, less oral. 1) What do I tell suppliers who ask if there are any changes in doing business with Ecolab and Nalco? 如果供應商問與藝康和納爾科做生意有沒有什麼變化,我應該告訴他們什麼? 如果供應商詢問與藝康和納爾科做業務有無變化,我應該如何回答? 2) Contact the regional and global leads to review contracts and identify potential risks.聯繫區域和全球領導,重新審核合同,識別潛在的風險。 3) If you do not know who that is, contact your supervisor. 如果您不知道那是誰,請聯繫您的主管。 如果您不知道這些領導是誰,請聯繫您的主管。 4) Ecolab and Nalco have reached another important milestone as we prepare for the merger of our companies. 藝康和納爾科在準備我們兩家公司合併的過程中又完成了另一件重要的標誌性的大事。 隨著我們準備兩家公司合併的順利進行,藝康和納爾科到達了另一個重要的里程碑。 5) By tomorrow, all announcements and organization charts will be posted on Ecolab Express and on Nalco’s Integration SharePoint site, so that they are broadly accessible. 明天,所有的通知和機構圖將在藝康和納爾科的整合“共享點”(SharePoint)網站上公佈,以便讓廣大員工都可以查看。 截至明天,所有的公告和機構圖將在藝康和納爾科的整合「共享點 (SharePoint)」網站上公佈,以便廣大員工查看。 6) Some of these changes will be difficult and that must be acknowledged. 這些改變有的將是困難的,對這一點必須承認。 有些改變將會很困難,我們必須認識到這一點。 7) This ends the guidance in the Day 1 Shared Service Communication Workbook. 到此就結束了《第一天共享服務溝通手冊》的指南。 《第一天共享服務溝通手冊》指南到此結束。 (To be continued)

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