The Most Important Factor in Online Marketing

网络营销 网络营销最重要的一步棋其实是转化率的布局。因为网络营销中每个环节都隐含转化率这个概念,把这一步棋下好后你会发现在最基本的网络营销流程中我们都可实现不费力的效用,少花钱多收益只不过是稍微调整而已。 In fact, the most important factor in online marketing is the distribution of conversion rate. If you do well in the conversion rate, utility will be achieved effortlessly in the most basic online marketing process, as conversion rate exists in every step of online marketing. More profits with less input only need a slight adjustment.

我们以最基本的 pc 端网络营销为例:整个营销流程不过是:投入→ ip → pv →咨询→成交→回头客→口碑→转介绍→收益,在整个流程中,我们只要提升其中一个环节,其余营销环节都不变,而收益都会大幅度以至于成倍的增加!大家在做网络营销过程中应该有所感受,但与很多公司网络营销运营负责人聊天时发现,这些东西被重视程度基本可以忽略,事实上,在以上系统中: Take our most basic online marketing on PCs for example: the whole marketing process is Input → Ip → Pv → Consultation → Transaction → Regular Customers → Referral → Profits. Throughout the whole process, as long as we improve one step with the other ones unchanged, the profits will greatly increase and even multiply! We may realize that when making online marketing. However, we find that such things are ignored during our talking with leaders responsible for online marketing operation from many companies. Actually, in the above system:

当 ip 增长三倍其余环节都不变,最后收益增长三倍,认可么?以此类推我们能发现什么? If the Ip step triples and the other ones stay the same, the final profits will triple. Do you accept that? And so on, what can we find from that?

当每个环节都提升,收益就会形成几何式增长! When every step improves, the profits will multiply!

所以,被人忽略的才是最珍贵的价值! So, something overlooked often has the most precious value!

在网络上我们都知道:别人一般都不冒失的联系客服,除了已经开始有意去成交的时候。所以你要在这个销售页面给予别人足够信息、信任与好处,才有进一步协商的余地。 What we all know on the Internet: people will not contact the customer service without consideration or caution until they have the intention to make a deal. So you should show others enough information, trustworthiness and benefits, further negotiation will be possible.

From: The Meihua Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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