English Contract Translation(1)

Although the specific content of English contracts is ever-changing, it belongs to written language, thus, it subjects to certain formats and specifications. When reading English Contract, a lot of fixed sentences and combinations can be seen. Here, some common contract terminologies are listed as follows, available for beginners. 1)    by and between 合同由双方当事人订立 This contract is made by and between the buyer and seller, in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated below. 2)      subject to 决定于,依据 This contract is subject to the final approval of the governmental authorities concerned in each country. 3)      Force Majeure 不可抗力 In case either party that encounters Force Majeure fails to fulfill the obligation under the Contract, the other party should extend the performance time by period equal to the time that the Force Majeure will last. 4)      The goods listed in…attached to the contract. 商品如附件...所示。 The goods listed in Exhibit A attached to the contract are the first batch of the procurement plan of the local government. 5)      expiry 期满 If no written objection is raised by either party on month before its expiry, the contract will be automatically extended for another year. 6)      confined to 限于 The territory: confined to Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, traditionally termed in Yangtze Delta, was considered the Paradise in the ancient China due to its mild climate and abundance of natural produce and advanced agriculture. 7)      be entitled to do something 有权利做某事 Should one party fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract, the other party is entitled to terminate the contract. 8)      validity 有效 Party B shall undertake the sales of the above mentioned commodity during the validity of the agreement. 9) prior to 在…之前 The buyer shall, 30 days prior to the time of shipment, open in irrevocable Letter of Credit in favor of the seller. 10)    in case 如果 In case no amicable settlement can be reached between the two parties, the case under dispute shall be submitted to arbitration. 11)   it is mutually agreed that 双方同意 It is mutually agreed that the goods are subject to the Inspection Certificate of Quality and Inspection Certificate of Quantity issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China at the port of shipment. 12)   be liable for 对…负责 The seller shall be liable for any rust, damage and loss attributed to inadequate packing. 13)   be regarded as…but not restricted to…应视为…但不局限于… Any event or circumstance beyond control shall be regarded as Force Majeure but not restricted to fire, wind, flood, earthquake, explosion, epidemic and segregation. 14)   come into force 生效 This contract will come into force as soon as it is signed by the two parties. 15)   null and void 无效的 Should the seller fail to perform the contracted obligations 10 weeks after the aforesaid incident, the seller shall have the right to treat the contract as null and void. 16)   aforesaid 上述的 The seller, in spite of the cancelation, shall still pay the aforesaid penalty to the buyer without delay. 17)   in accordance with 按照 The contract shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the Law of P.R.C. 18)   commission 佣金 Party A shall pay Party B a commission of 5% on the net invoiced selling price on all orders directly obtained by Party B and accepted by Party A. 19)   herein 其中 During the validity of this agreement, if either of the two parties is found to have violated the stipulations herein, the other party has the right to terminate this agreement. 20)   render 提供 Without Party A's consent, Party B shall not render service elsewhere or hold concurrently any post unrelated to the work agreed on with Party A. 21)   resume 恢复 According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Party B cannot resume normal work after a continued 30 days’ sick leave. 22)   abide by 遵守 Both parties should abide by all the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. 23)   hereunder 在下文 The contract draft hereunder is originally prepared by the Seller, but has to be mutually signed before it comes into force. 24)   effect 履行 Advance Payment must be effected within 30 days since the signing of the Contract. 25)   in one’s account 由…支付 All expenses and risks shall be borne by Party X in its account.

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