Although the specific content of English contracts is ever-changing, it belongs to written language, thus, it subjects to certain formats and specifications. When reading English Contract, a lot of fixed sentences and combinations can be seen. Here, some common contract terminologies are listed as follows, available for beginners.

26) be deemed 被认为

The English text of this contract shall be deemed the original.

27) causes or reasons 原因

Neither party shall cancel the contract without sufficient causes or reasons.

28) next of kin 最近的亲属

In case of an emergency involving serious illness, accident or death of the employee, employer shall notify employee’s next of kin immediately.

29) refrain from 戒除

Both Parties should abide by the contract and should refrain from revising, cancelling, or terminating the contract without mutual consent.

30) both versions being equally valid 两种文本具有同等效力

This contract is made out in English and French, both versions being equally valid.

31) joint venture 合资公司

The full name of the joint venture is Dong Fang Limited Liability Company, abridged as Dong Fang Co., Ltd.

32) in proportion to 按…比例

The profits, risks and losses of the joint venture shall be shared by the parties in proportion to their contributions of the registered capital.

33) assign 转让

When one party to the joint venture assigns all or part of his investment, the other party has preemptive right.

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34) submit 提交

In case no settlement can be reached, the case under dispute may then be submitted for arbitration.

35) in the event of 如果

In the event of Seller’s failure to fulfill this duty, the Purchase shall reserve the right to cancel the contract.

36) set forth 规定

Nothing set forth in Section 5 or Section 6 affects the right to serve process in any other manner permitted by Law.

37) relief 救济

Either party is entitled to seek from any court having jurisdiction any interim of provisional relief that is necessary to protect the rights of property of that party.

38) preemptive 优先的

When one party intends to assign all or part of its investment subscribed, the other party shall have the preemptive right to receive or buy it in.

39) warrant 保证

Each of the parties makes warrants concerning the quality and completion of the installation works to the other party as follows:

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40) whereas 鉴于

Whereas, Distributor is desirous of becoming a distributor of the Products.

41) binding 有约束力的

This is the final arbitration award And now you can see her first music video for the song “Melodies”, and in this clip, she starred in the episode justin bieber chat room movie never say never. and binding on both Contracting Parties.

42) arbitration 仲裁

The arbitration shall take effect in 15 days after its issue.

43) stipulate 规定

If Party B fails to dispatch the Documentation within the stipulated period to the contract, Party B shall pay to Party A in the following rates:

44) claim 正式提出声明

The buyer shall make a claim against the seller on the basis of the documents at hand and the investigation of the merchandise received.

45) lodge 索赔

The buyer shall have the right to lodge a claim against the seller for lesser amount of the filling and the impurity of the elements therein….

46) infringement 违反

If any infringement being found, Agent shall be held responsible to undertake all reliabilities thereafter.

47) Exclusive Agent 独家代理

Party A hereby appoints Party B as its Exclusive Agent in marketing the ball bearings and needle bearings supplied by Party A within the three years starting 2009 to 2011.

48) attributable to 归因于

The underwriter shall be held responsible for any and all damages and losses attributable to the types of natural disasters and/or calamities on the ocean routes.

49) thereof 其中

In witness thereof, this contract is signed by both the COSCO Ningbo Branch and Fashion & Forward Company.

50) duly signed 已签署妥当

The agreement, when duly signed by the parties concerned, shall remain in force for the years to be effective as from 2010 to 2012.

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