E-Learning Translation

Implementing strategic e-learning localization and development initiatives improves employee loyalty and makes for a stable corporate culture and working environment. It can be a challenge, however, to disseminate such knowledge across a wide variety of cultures, languages, countries, and target audiences. Translation Source uses proven methodologies to identify, localize, translate, and develop critical international e-learning training that enhances employees’ core skills.

Our comprehensive pre-localization assessment identifies potential issues and roadblocks to an effective international training initiative —whether cultural, linguistic, or visual. By successfully addressing these challenges, we can create the most effective cross-cultural/multinational e-learning localization and development programs. We offer a broad range of services, from adaptation and translation to development and copyediting, resulting in corporate content that is effective in each cultural and linguistic setting.

The linguists on our team have been trained to re-create your e-learning content in a way that is instructionally sound, and we can adapt specific guidelines prescribed by your instructional designers. Translation Source also has the knowledge to deal with the technical requirements of your e-learning programs, from design documentation updates to handling of voice-over and subtitling; we can provide content-management solutions and usability testing in any format. Translation Source works in all languages including Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese and Italian and more.

Service Features

Whole-hearted customer service

To fully comprehend your practical needs and offer the E-learning Adaptation service proposal best suited to you, our pre-sales service advisors will listen to you carefully, answering any questions you might have regarding our E-learning Adaptation services. During the project, our customer service will always be consistently responsive to all of your requests and questions.

Rigorous confidentiality policy

CCJK fully understands that confidentiality is of critical concern to you and your business partners, and guarantees not to divulge any of the information involved in the source files to any third party without your written permission. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be provided upon request.

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