Bio-robot Comes!

Bio-robot 美国伊利诺伊大学的研究人员宣布,他们在实验室培养出来的骨骼肌肉细胞来行走的微型机器人。这个机器人由生物和机械的部分组成,靠电流来控制,利用肌肉伸缩推动自身行走。 Researchers from the University of Illinois recently announced they have developed a micro robot driven by skeletal muscle cells. This robot is composed of biological and mechanical parts, controlled by electric current and driven to walk by muscle extension & contraction. 2012 年时,研究人员曾经用老鼠的心脏细胞研发出类似的生化机器人,不过心脏细胞收缩频率太高,微型机器人不太受控制。这次他们改用了比较活跃的人体的骨骼细胞,机器人的可控性较好。 In 2012, researchers developed a similar bio-robot with mouse’s cardiac cells but the cells contracted so frequently that the robot were not be well controlled. They used active skeletal muscle cells from human body in the new robot, bringing good controllability to the robot. 研究人员表示还会继续进行生化机器人的实验,比如会测试其他细胞培育机器人,研究如何利用不同的光信号或者化学梯度控制机器人的行动方向。 The researchers said they would continue the experiments of bio-robot, for example, testing the development of robot with other cells and researching how to control the movement direction of robot through different optical signals or chemical gradients. 理论上来说,这种技术很适合用来做生化机械,研究人员也在研究如何利用该技术开发医疗、环境类的设备。 Theoretically, this technology is very suitable for biochemical machines and the researchers are studying on how to use this technology to develop equipment for medical and environmental protection.

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