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Translation of Film Title

The 85th Oscar Academy Award has just ended, Ang Lee won the best director for ‘Life of Pi,’ beating out Steven Spielberg for ‘Lincoln,’ who had been considered the most formidable competitor in the category. I guess movie fans won’t miss those nominated films, let alone the Oscar-winning movies. Besides the content, the name of […]

How to Translate the Long Sentence in Legal Document

In legal translation, due to the differences of language style and sentence structure between English and Chinese, the major difficulty is to translate the “long sentence”. It is very common that one-sentence paragraphs frequently occur in the document and one sentence consists of 50-100 words or even more. Understanding the sentence correctly and organizing the […]

Some Commonly Used Phrases in Legal Documents (2)

1.   Provided that The usage of this phrase is very similar to “if” or “but”. If it is put in the beginning of a sentence, it constitutes a conditional clause meaning “if”. Where there is a main clause before this phrase, it is equivalent to “with the exception of” meaning “but”. 1)         Provided that the acceptance […]

Some Commonly Used Phrases in Legal Documents

Here I summarize some of the phrases that most commonly used in legal documents for your reference. 1. Subject to. 1)  Subject to this section,an appeal shall be brought in such manner and shall be subject to such conditions as are prescribed by this rules. 在符合本条规定的情况下,上诉应按本规则所规定的方式和条件提出。 2)  Subject to subsection(4),the information referred to in section 13(2) […]

Adverbial Clauses in legal translation

Many translators find that legal translation is a tough job, not only because of its strong professionality, but also due to its strong logical wording. The use of adverbial clauses is one of the evidences. Adverbial clauses are commonly used in the legal wording. Adverbial clauses include: Time clauses. Common conjunctions are: when, before, after, […]

Legal Dramedy – Boston Legal

In China, legal television series concerning the law, lawyer, and court room etc. are not as popular as other TV series, but they are popular among those studying law and legal professionals, especially the American courtroom dramas, one can not only learn some legal knowledge, but also practice listening in English, furthermore, get entertainments. Here […]

Polysemy in Legal English

The same word may have more than one meaning. This is what we called “polysemy”.  We should pay attention to pick up the appropriate meaning for the word when we are doing the translation. The wrongfully selected word may make the sentence go to the opposite direction and thus destroy the whole translation. When we […]

Courtroom English in Common Law System

I like watching American TV series with the theme of law which attract me by their interesting courtroom scenes, portrayal of lawyers, themes of justice or liberty, discussion of substantive legal issues, or other law related issues. Some classic law series I enjoy the most are The Practice, Boston Legal and The Justice, especially Boston […]

Confusing terms in contract translation

In contract translation, inaccuracy or ambiguous expression may occur resulting from the confusing terms that make us pick up the wrong words for translation. Therefore, making aware of and mastering the distinctions of confusing terms are of highly importance. Here, I will show you some examples for your reference. (1)     on/upon and after “on/upon” means […]