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Long-standing Chinese Liquor

Long-standing Chinese Liquor As one of the six would-famous liquors, Chinese liquor is as well known as the other five-Rum, Brandy, Vodka, Gin, and Whisky. The making of liquor happened along with the plantation of various kinds of grain and crops, it could be traced back to Xia Dynasty-more than 4000 years from now. So […]


Slang   Slang, also expressed as “Street term” or “Informal language”, just as the name suggests, slang is informal means of expression, some slang are not suitable for formal occasions like business conferences, evening parties, negotiations and so on. But in daily conversation, slang is widely used in chatting, especially for local English speakers. For […]

Translation in Food and Cuisine

Translation in Food and Cuisine Translation for dishes, food and cuisine are always needed in business meals or in culture introduction. As food culture is one of the most important cultures in our daily life, especially Chinese cuisine—which is included in three major cuisines in the world along with French Cuisine and Turkish Cuisine, we […]

Literal Translation VS Chinese Ancient Poem

江南三月雨微茫,罗伞叠烟湿幽香。夏日微醺正可人,却傍佳木趁荫涼。 霜风清和更初霁,轻蹙蛾眉锁朱窗。怜卿一片相思意,尤恐流年拆鸳鸯。 -题记 I read an article several days ago, Well-known scholar, Natsume Soseki , asked his students to translate “I love you” into Japanese. Most of the translation are from Google translation tool, such as “私はあなたを爱する” Natsume Soseki looked at the sky for a long time and said that these translations are totally wrong. […]

Empty Talks at the Cultural Level

Empty Talks at the Cultural Level It is universally recognized that Chinese and English belong to different culture systems. Both have certain features that distinguish one from the other, exerting great influence on company profile translation. Owing to different natural environment, social history, cultural tradition and thinking patterns, cultural difference is the biggest obstacle when […]

Lexical mistakes in second language

  Lexical mistakes in second language The important of vocabulary in second language writing is widely accepted, but there has been relatively little research into several lexical errors learners produce when writing in their second language. Empirical evidence suggests that lexical errors are the most frequently occurring Somehow, mistakes in lexical selection may be less […]

The social progmatic failures in cross-cutural communication

The social progmatic failures in cross-cutural communication   Recently, there is a wave of globalization due to factors including mass access to Internet, the globalization of trade, and expansion of educational exchanges, etc. New technologies, growth of the world’s population, and shift in the global ecomomic areas have all contributed to the increase of the […]

Cautious about culture differences

Cautious about culture differences  Cultural difference is a major issue in the Chinese to English translation. Translators may also make mistakes without the awareness of target culture even if they are competent in English and translation strategies. It is very likely to misunderstand or offend others arising from ignorant of the information about target-text receivers […]

Factors Need to be Considered by Translators

Factors Need to be Considered by Translators                                                    In step with the accelerating process of economic globalization, China is enhancing economic exchanges with countries all over the world. With Skopostheorie as the […]

Tips for Writing a Company Profile

Tips for Writing a Company Profile Company profiles vary widely in length, but all contain several essential elements. When written well, a company profile quickly conveys your organization’s purpose, history and function to the press, to the general public, and to potential customers and investors. Here are nine tips for writing an effective company profile. […]