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Brief Introduction of Georgian

Georgian Translation Services The Georgian language is the official language Georgia, a country in the Caucasus. Besides about 4 million speakers in Georgia, there are about 500,000 Georgian speakers outside Georgia: part of Azerbaijan, the North-east of the Turkey and some places in Russia (about 3.25 million speakers). The dialects of Georgian language can be […]



Some Thoughts on Dealing with TTX files

To be frank, I am a little bit afraid of TTX files. In daily translation work, I came across a lot of files, such as MS Word, .RTF, Excel and PPT files and so on. And the first two types can be directly translated in MS Word software with Trados Workbench (I called these files […]

Small Suggestion on Translation (1)

Definite Article “The” The word “the” can be used as an article or an adverb. In this case, we will discuss its use as a definite article. It is been frequently used in sentences and its function is quite similar to pronouns, such as “that, this, those and these”. It doesn’t represent any specific meaning, […]

Small Suggestion on Translation (2)

Remove and Delete The meanings of Remove and Delete are quite similar to each other, referring to the general action of separating something from another thing. In most cases, we translate the word Remove as 删除 like the word Delete. Eg. Please remove the button from the panel. 请从面板中删除该按钮。 Please remove it from the filtering […]

Small Tips on Translation of Key Operation(2)

Translation of Keys Operation The description of keys operation is very easy to understand. And the structure and wording of the sentences are simple and clear to translate. However, if translators do not pay much attention to the keys, minor errors may appear in the translation work. And sometimes, your clients may have special localization […]

Small Tips on Translation of Key Operation(1)

The key operation I am saying here refers to the pressing of the keys on a computer keyboard so as to control or manipulate the applications running on the computer. As the mouse operation, computer keyboard is also a kind of inputting device and can assist the mouse operation sometimes, such as the selection of […]