Article translation

Article belongs to functional words, which could not be used separately and only be attached to the nouns or noun phrases with modification function. We should pay attention to the articles during translaiton. There are two kinds for article: definite article like "the" and indefinite article like "a" and "an". Definite articles have the meaning of specified, while the other one is opposite, making a general reference. However, there are no articles in Chinese. So we should pay attention to the article translation according to the context. As to “the”, “a” and “an”, there are different Chinese words matching the English words. For examples: This is the agricultural university I mentioned. 这就是我和你提到的那所农业大学。 I liked the children’s performances. 我喜欢那些孩子们的节目。 The audience loved the music of the film very much. 观众非常喜欢这部影片的音乐。 The formula of a compound tells us the composition of the compound. 化合物分子式告诉我们化合物的组成。 Let’s make an analysis of the current situation 让我们来对当前的形势作一番分析吧。 It is a pleasure to talk with you. 与你谈话是一件令人愉快的事情。 Marble is a precious stone 大理石是一种珍贵的石料。 Besides, there are specific Chinese words for the article “a”. Let us look some examples: a chain of thought---一连串想法 a blanket of snow---一片白雪 a coat of paint---一层油漆 a fit of anger---一阵发怒 a herd of horses---一群马 a piece of advice---一个忠告 a plot of land---一小块地 a sheet of skin---一张皮 a wisp of smoke---一缕轻烟 a shower of criticism---一阵批评 For definite article “the”, it could be used to express the emphasis function. So for some words it is translated as the meaning of “the most”. For example: This is the word to be used here. 这里用这个词最恰当。 This is the life for me. 对我来说,生活是很有意义的。 John is the man for this task 约翰是最适合做这项任务的人。 Sometimes, articles are omitted when they are used in the specific words, proper names or the words which refers to the words of the same category. For example: The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. 1949年中华人民共和国成立了。 The First World War was from 1914 to 1918. 第一次世界大战从1914年到1918年。 We must have faith in the masses. 我们应当相信群众。 War is the continuation of politics. 战争是政治的延续。 I think it a great honor to be invited to your company. 我感到受邀访问贵公司是莫大的荣幸。

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