World Cup Brand Stories: Nike vs Adidas

阿迪达斯和世界杯的渊源,要追溯到上世纪 70 年代—阿迪达斯于 1970 年第一次赞助了世界杯。去年,阿迪达斯与 FIFA 官方完成了续约合同,阿迪达斯将作为 FIFA 的官方合作伙伴直至 2030 年。 60 年的姻缘正如阿迪达斯 CEO 赫伯特·海纳 (Herbert Hainer) 所说:“足球一直是阿迪达斯品牌 DNA 的一部分,秉承传统是一个品牌一直延续的航标。”

The relationship between Adidas and the World Cup can be traced back to 1970s – in 1970, Adidas sponsored the World Cup for the first time. In last year, Adidas continued its contract with FIFA and will be the latter’s official partner till the year 2030. By then, their cooperation will last 60 years; just as said by Herbert Hainer, CEO of Adidas, “Football is always a part of Adidas’ DNA and following the tradition is a navigation mark of the continuation of a brand.”

然而,1960 年代末,靠跑步起家的美国公司耐克似乎已有后来居上之势,2013 年耐克公司在足球市场的营收额已经达到了 20 亿美元,约占近 30% 的市场份额。实际上,耐克进军足球市场只有短短 20 年时间;1994 年,当世界杯“落户”美国的时候,耐克借势而上。

However, since the end of 1960s, Nike, a company in the US started from running equipment, has presented a trend of becoming the industry leader. In 2013, Nike’s revenue from the football market reached 2 billion USD with a market share of nearly 30%. Actually, Nike has not entered the football market until 20 years ago; In 1994, when the US hosted the World Cup, Nike seized the opportunity and rapidly developed.

2014 年是世界杯年,两家体育用品巨头势必会展开一方龙争虎斗。

In 2014, a year for the World Cup, a fierce battle between these two giants will certainly break out.

阿迪达斯 CEO 海纳在年初表现了他雄心壮志:“ 2014 年不仅只是足球年,而是属于阿迪达斯的足球年”。这也符合世界杯官方赞助商的作风,官方 logo,吉祥物,官方用球,所有官方人员及工作人员服装供应商,场边广告等权益犹如倚天屠龙在手,阿迪达斯掷地有声:我才是王者,其他体育品牌请靠边。

Mr. Hainer has showed his great ambitions at the beginning of this year: “The year 2014 is not only a year for football, but a year for football belongs to Adidas.” This is the consistent style of the World Cup’s official sponsors; the official logo, mascot, officially designated ball, garment for officials and the staff, courtside ads and other benefits give Adidas the confidence to speak out these powerful words: Adidas is the only leader of this industry and other sports brands cannot threaten our leadership.

另一方面,没有拿到世界杯官方权益的耐克公司则显得“温情”许多,耐克负责世界杯的全球创意总监马丁·罗蒂 (Martin Lotti) 日前接受采访说到:“世界杯和奥运会其实很像,所有的球队都是带着强烈的国家集体荣誉感,耐克需要做的就是用创意将爱国主义和足球完美结合。”避重就轻,强调产品本身创意,同时唤起球迷的共鸣,耐克也要用自己的方式“玩”世界杯。

On the other hand, Nike, which is not the official sponsor of the World Cup, is much more “gentle”; in a recent interview, Martin Lotti, the Global Creative Director of Nike in charge of the World Cup, said to the reporter: “The World Cup is very similar to the Olympic Games, all teams are equipped with strong national honor, and what Nike needs to do is to use our creativity to make a perfect combination of the patriotism and football.”  Circumventing the problem of official sponsorship, emphasizing the creativity of its products and arousing the resonance of football fans, Nike will “play” the World Cup in its own way.

From: The Meihua

Translated by Steve, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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