Wordfast Operation Guide

Wordfast is a CAT tool for translation. Same as Trados, it can not help you translate, but it cank help you record the contents that you have already done, that is the translation memory, TM in short. Beside, wordfast could could help keep the translation format as exactly as the source.


Please download an exe file in the wordfast website, and then double click to run this application. The Next step will guide you to finish the all installation process.
The format of wordfast: TXT, TMX (same as trados)

Two ways to set up a new TM:

Open the one that is already exist;

New another one;

Step1: Open an exist TM from the File selection list of Trados workbench;

File->Open->select the desired TM then press the button Open;

Step2:Export it to be .tmx format to the desired location

File->Export->OK->select the location and name it ->select the save type to be TMX1.4(*.TMX)->Save

Create a project:

File-Create project-Add a name for this project

When the file is open, you must select a TM or new a TM for this job.

Begin to translate:

File – open-Select the mode 3- Write the translation in the right column;

When finishing a column, press the down arrow in the tool bar to move to the next segment;

Color Description:

You may meet some colors when translating, and different colors stands for different meanings:

Green: 100% match;

Purple: The translation are not modified;

Grey: No match;

Yellow: Fuzzy match need make modifications;