It was women’s day yesterday. That meant nothing to me except a good chance for some commercial promotion. But here I want to share my opinion about women and money.

Surfing the internet, you will find men and women are fighting everywhere. Men claim that women nowadays are all gold diggers and only interested in men with money and house and car while women argue that most men are superficial and unreliable and without a heart…well, they are all right to some extent.

But human being is complicated itself. Men said that there is no good girl. All women are bitches and sluts. But when they really find a good girl, they tend to go for bad girls, simply because they are more sexy and attractive.

Money is overrated. do I feel happier if I have a lot of money? Of course I would, but I will get used to it. According to a lecture about happiness, your happiness isn’t related much to your living condition as long as you are not starving. I am not saying I agree with everything they said.

But this point of view really makes sense. I can’t see I would be wildly happy if I have a fancy house and a terrific car. Because I will get used to comfortable living conditions, that doesn’t make me happier in a long term.

You might say I am naïve and unrealistic. I am not speaking here to represent all female. Just my personal opinion. Everyone has their own way to survive in this world. why blame others when you are not perfect yourself?