Do you want to expand your business across the borders and attract a global audience? How do you plan to entice them? One way is to translate your marketing content into a customers’ native language, but this is not sufficient.

The translation is the process of converting your source content into other languages and the conversion of content in another language cannot win the hearts of potential customers. Here comes the need for transcreation. Transcreation is the method of translating the content according to the linguistic, technical, and cultural nuances. The purpose is to make the content resonate with the tone and style of the target market so that the global clients are compelled towards your products and purchase goods from you.

All About Transcreation

Transcreation is the process in which the competent linguists recreate the source version to resonate with the target market. In the transcreation process, the source content is not reproduced from scratch but it is changed according to the cultural and linguistic nuances of the target market. It is usually used in taglines, slogans, and advertising materials. Transcreation is used to evoke the same emotions in the target language as it evokes in the source language. With the help of transcreation, you can take your business to the next level.

Integration of Cultural Nuances

Each country’s culture is unique that shapes the preferences of its consumers. The problem comes in the use of humor, metaphors, and idioms. Something that is considered humorous in one culture might be considered offensive in another. Transcreation helps to solve this problem. It helps to mold your message according to the culture of the target country so that no legal implications are developed. KFC, when entered the China market, made a great mistake. They translated their slogan ‘Finger Licking Good’ to ‘Eat Your fingers off’ that ruined their image and resulted in great loss. Several other brands have committed such blunders due to mistranslation. In order to avoid such problems and save your brand from embarrassment, it is better to take professional transcreation services.

Use of Local Visuals in Advertising

Transcreation helps to transform your marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs of the target audience. You can make your advertising effective if you use your native language and local visuals. Research done by common sense advisory revealed that if you market your products in a native language then people will purchase more. Native language has a greater emotional impact on consumers than a second language. Besides language, people are attracted to those marketing and advertising campaigns in which they are represented. This suggests that campaigns can be more effective if you use local models and images to depict local preferences.

Advertisements in local preference have a great touching impact on consumers and they prefer your brand. Thus, it helps your business in global growth.

Enhanced Online Visibility with SEO

To be successful in the fierce competition of global business growth, you have to make your business easily accessible for the audience How? Through search engine optimization.

In this way, people from all over the world will find you online easily. When you translate your website into multiple languages then users also expect the keywords in their languages. Transcreation helps to ensure the content written on your website appeals to local search engine users. People will like browsing your site and spend time on your site. This will increase your website rankings and help in attracting a global audience.

Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Many marketers are cautious of the transcreation process because they feel that they will lose brand identity by making so much alteration. Well, if you want to retain your brand image and promote your business in different foreign markets, it’s better to hire a professional transcreation service. The transcreation team will add value to your brand while retaining the intended message and vision of the brand even if visuals and names are altered. When transcreation is done well then it can lead to increased sales, better brand awareness, and even enhanced brand loyalty.

Wrapping Up

A lot of money and time is spent in marketing campaigns but this effort is only fruitful if you include the element of transcreation in your marketing content. CCJK is here to help you in this regard. We offer robust Professional Transcreation Services with the help of native translators. Contact us for more details.