Who is to say mobile apps can only achieve a limited circulation? Many people just have not realized how large a marketing potential each mobile app has. When you think your app is about to be outdated, maybe you can take a step further to check out whether you have that app exposed under all possible marketing dimensions.

While North America and major European countries are already saturated with plenty of mobile games and other applications, new surging markets such as Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and Middle East are seeing smart phone penetration rate soaring and there has emerged a tip of an enormous untapped market for mobile applications and games.

There has been tens of thousands of successful mobile applications and games running in the English-speaking world and it could mean multifolds of investment to develop another popular mobile application. However, it is a whole other story in new surging markets where English literacy rate is low and more and more people are starting using smart phones and, therefore, are in urgent need of large quantities of good mobile applications and games in their own languages.

According to the U.S. State Department, localization does lead to increased sales. They estimate that U.S. firms alone lose $50 billion in potential sales each year because of problems with translation and localization. If you want to achieve continuous and sustainable sales of your games or mobile applications, you will need your applications to go global and be localized for specific oversea markets.

All add up to the conclusion that you should not rush into any decision to outdate a good mobile app. Think again if it is fully exploited and there can be new found area of opportunities.