A well-written sales letter is your voice, your heart felt feeling which people (your prospects) can really heard of. It is the most important element when doing online marketing. Usually I spend as much or more time on email conceiving & email writing as on everything else combined together.

But it is not easy to give advice on how to write good marketing letters. Because as everybody may know, great articles come from great writers. However, there are still some tips which I would like to share with you.

Although I am still a new marketing girl with only half a year experience, I still want to share with you some of my ideas, which of course are not quite well conceived.

Typically, I do not recommend use headline, pictures in email marketing letters. If you want your emails to appear much more formal and businesslike, please do not use them. Pictures, headline are much more likely to draw eyes, that is absolutely true, however, we still see many people are apt to trust simple, clean and tidy words more than flaring decoration, unless you are a professional designer with excellent design and layout gifts.

If not, please give up using this approach. Just make sure all the words in the email are clean, tidy with impeccable grammar. And of course please spare no efforts to make your words magical and attractive. If you can get someone to start reading your email, you’ve won half the battle.

If it allows, please go for personalization. Any emails come to me with “Dear Vivian Mi” is far more likely to get read than one with a generic salutation, like “Dear Sir or Madam”. However if you are not able to get the specific names of your potential emails receiver, try to use a salutation that connects with the reader more closely as possible, for example, if your potential prospect is a flower shop owner, please try to use “Dear Flower Lover”; if you are emailing to a business person you can use his/her profession title: “Dear Marketing Director” or “Dear Project Manger” etc.

If all the aforementioned still do not sound fine, just try to choose “Dear My Friend”, which is usually a safe bet of course.

How to begin a good marking email? There are numerous of ways to begin. However, generally I usually start with telling that I am the right one he/she actually is looking for. In order to do so, some preliminary work must have done before, that is to say some investigating must be applied so to get an idea what your potential customer needs or if he/she needs the service you are going to offer.

Where in the emails should we first introduce our offer? In my opinion, it is better put it at the place where above 1/4 of your entire email. Do not hide too far away. Then you may lose your well established interesting for the readers. Elaborate what you can offer for him/her, list the reasons why you are the right one, persuading him/her by telling what benefits they can get from you. Punchy examples, convincing reference will be much of help as well.