In his best-seller The World is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman describes a new fashion of business organization characterized by “Communities uploading and collaborating on online projects.” He considers it “the most disruptive force of all” that has leveled the global business arena.

It is obvious that outsourcing, a widely adopted way of business, has contributed to the split of services and manufacturing activities into components, with each of them performing in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

In the landmark article “The Dawn of the E-Lance Economy” published on the Harvard Business Review, Professor Thomas W. Malone and Robert J. Laubacher set forth the fact that “the devolution of large, permanent corporations into flexible, temporary networks of individuals” is taking place.

As the world is becoming flat and the E-Lance economy dawns, we’ve spotted an unprecedented opportunity in this new millennium to pool the best talent in the most efficient way by building an innovative form of organization catering to the flat world bolstered by the brand new E-Lance Economy.

The flexibility of such an organization allows us to set up, in the most dynamic and competitive way, the most ideal and capable team that is scalable and adaptive to client’s specific needs in terms of workload, profession and expertise etc.

Positioning itself as a global language service provider, CCJK provides translation and localization services to clients across the globe, acting as a virtual extension of clients’ localization department that serves them seamlessly in their globalization and internationalization initiatives to gain global competitive edge.

Staffed with a dynamic team consisting of capable project managers, talented linguists, knowledgeable researchers and skilled engineers distributed worldwide, we’ve implemented an efficient, cost-effective Around-the-clock Delivery Model (ADM) to meet time-critical schedules with a high degree of cost predictability.

CCJK is dedicated to maximizing the value to clients by delivering one-stop language solutions to almost all vertical industries. We focus on building a learning organization by sharing professional experience, industry knowledge and best practices among all members of an elite team of knowledge-workers.

Meanwhile we always know how to leverage the most advanced technologies to maximize the efficiency of our services. For more details of what CCJK can offer to create value for you, please visit

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