Global Business is like a world trip in which we expect for treasure and pleasure. However, we are mostly accompanied with bad weathers, loneliness and even pirate during the journey. No matter how experienced is the captain, he, all by himself, can’t be sure what is about to happen because the ocean is always a mystery.

As the internet is like the sea which is enormously huge(*status) and climate localized. Before we start off, we’d better check out what we miss to prepare for the long term journey. That’s very important to find out what exactly we need for a blobal e-business.

Let’s make them on the list:

#1. Language Translation

First, all business files including Website, Marketing docs, Training doc, Product doc, etc should be translated into an international version. That what we need most.

#2. International Website

A multilingual website has proven to be most effective for companies wishing to sell products and services worldwide.

#3. e-Marketing

e-Marketing is the most efficient way to make our brand famous in the field.

#4. HR and e-Learning System

Human is the best solution. We need to find right person and train them to be the best.

#5. International Dealing and Paying

We need negotiation experts to make the deal.

#6. After-sale Services

We need to provide After-sale Services to make customers back.