In the field of online games there, first of all ,the emerging markets is territorial.Similarity of the geographical aspect determine the cultural status and approximately the network structure are similar.

What exactly is the market worth of our development for online games ?mSome people say we should focus on the market where people with more money, such as Germany.

The German has an average income of $ 24,000 anually, which is 10 times in China.Some people say we should go to the Middle East, where people are relying on oil,they have money and all of them lead a casual life, and they don’t have too much entertainment.

Others may say, we should go to the places where have similar cultural with China, they understand Chinese culture, and know our Chinese Taoism, Buddhism, they also read our country’s Jin Yong’s novels.

Such countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, the theme of Chinese martial arts can be more easily understood.Some others may say we should go to America, like Brazil, because online games are more relatively inexpensive cost, in such countries, with a large population base, online games will have more opportunities.

As there are a lot of points, we can go here, we can go there.But we can tell that there are only two points dominant the fact.The first one is we should go to place where online game market is hot.

For example, Taiwan.the population of Taiwan is only around 30 million, but there are already more than 20 domestic enterprises now developing in the online games market there.

Followed by Vietnam, the Vietnamese population, more than Taiwan, 70 or 80 million, there are a lot of domestic online game enterprises there.What causes it? Many newcomers think that there are many companies go there, they must have do some research before going, after a review, discussion, like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken,they research and select the place for the shop, you should do some research before step into a new market.

Some people say that hot places have too many companies there, there is no room for us to go, so we should focus on cold areas.

However, I think whether we go to cold places, or go to hot places, we should have our own judgments and logic, why I do this? Why I go to this place ?There are many reasons for different companies, I can give two reasons I agree with.First, I think we should go to more places.

The more I think more people should be the first reason, second, places where people with more money.The reason with many people is very simple, more people more players.

As we’ve seen the population map of the world, few countries have hundreds of millions of population, like China, the United States, India, countries like Brazil and so on.To this country, the larger population base they are,more opportunities there will be.

In fact, we are facing today in emerging markets such as high operating costs, user picky, channels are not familiar with other reasons to give up, I think it is unreasonable, because these problems can be solved, this market is an objective reality.

We can recruit talent in the world, you can use foreign talent to do online games, do like them.Channel is very expensive, we can think of ways to create cheaper channels, local channels for cooperation with them.

For example, many foreign friends to buy in the supermarket inside the game, we can find Wal-Mart, Carrefour, etc. The problem is that the online companies do not do a thorough market research to go home was.

My second point, I think I should go pure place.What does pure mean?Is relatively short, single languages, culture is relatively simple, and the stability of society is relatively stable.Pure is the opposite of complex and diverse, complex and diverse in culture, there is diversity, but this will expand our operations bring a lot of pressure.

For example, the Vietnamese market is now doing very well, but 20 years ago may be very difficult.Because the Vietnam war, a precarious day and could not play online games.

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