Medical translation is a highly specialized discipline in the fields of translation and localization. Barely knowing the languages apparently does not make a translator entirely eligible for undertaking medical or pharmaceutical translation tasks, largely because the dazzling terminologies that show up too often in the text make the medical paragraphs more like a wholly different language from the Mars.

Medical professionalism is among the top concerns when CCJK recruits dedicated medical translators, and only those with medical background or years of experience in medical translation are hired.

Some may argue it is not likely that we can hog all the elite translators who both have medical backgrounds and know two or more languages well enough to be professional translators, especially that we boost ourselves as being able to translate almost all world languages.

The strength and well-grounded confidence in our seemingly exaggerated promise are lying in our perfected coordination mechanism. With this tailored system, CCJK can perfectly facilitate the cooperation among linguists and medical professionals, making it possible for any medical content to be translated into almost all world languages.

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Medical translation specialties






·Electro diagnosis






Medical translation services available for

·Adverse Events

·Clinical Protocol




·MD Software

·Online Help Files


·Registration Documents

·Regulatory Documents


·Pharmaceutical Documents

·User Guides

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