What should you pay attention to if you want to reach your goal of successful selling?

If you want to make a successful selling, you have to make your client accept you well. How to do it? According to a research, through the whole selling process, watching and listening accounts for 40%; building the mutual faith accounts for 30%; communication accounts for 20%; the selling only accounts for the left 10%. So we can reach a conclusion that watching and listening play a very important part in the successful selling.

What is watching and listening? You need to use your eyes, ears and feelings. Besides, you need to ask more questions about the clients and speak less about yourself. Asking questions is a very tricky thing. You shouldn’t be aggressive or direct, which may cause the target’s dislike or rejection.

Instead, you can ask some friendly questions, and from these answers, you can watch your clients and listen carefully to get the information you need. Sometimes, you meet frustration because the clients don’t want to talk with you or show no interest in the conversation. Under that circumstance, you must find some proper topics to continue the conversation or at least get the opportunity of talking with the client in the near future.

Use more “we” to build mutual faith.

When you use “we”, the clients feel like that you considered more for them and you are at the same ends with them. So they feel comfortable and tend to accept you much easier. Building mutual faith is to build a friendly relationship with the client. Think about ourselves, if a friend of ours introduces a products or service, we will trust them and the possibility of purchasing is much bigger.

Use less “but” and use more “at the meantime”.

Let me give an example to illustrate it. What will you think if someone say that “you are pretty, you are beautiful, but your cell phone is…” you must feel happy when your heard the words in the beginning, but when you heard “but”, even though you haven’t finished listening, you must have felt depressed or rejection. So “but” is not a very popular word sometimes. How about using another expression? What if “you are pretty, you are smart, at the meantime, if you can pay a little attention to your cell phone…” is it better now?

From this example, you can see “at the meantime” is more acceptable than “but”. Be positive, and the listener can feel your passion and praise. In that way, you can make the conversation go smoothly.

The above 6 points is my views about sales.

As you can see, sale is not only a job; it requires many skills which is also useful in our daily life.

Practicing these skills surely will give more and more benefit. Do you have any good experience to share with us? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me. Write to [email protected] to share with us about your opinion on sales.