What is Sale?

How to positioning yourself and the client.

Once you have realized the importance of the building the good relationship with the clients, you will ask how to do in the next stage. The positioning of yourself and your client can help you a lot. Find out who you are to the client and who the clients are to you. This will decide how the clients feel about you. A good example can give you a vivid explanation.

For example, there is a very simple sentence you want to express – “I would like to talk to you for one or two minutes if you are free now”. Imagine the target talkers are your good friends, you boss and your client. Then you can see that the different targets will result in different expressions as well as the feelings, body movements and gestures.

With your friends, you feel easy and comfortable; with your boss, you will feel pressured; and with the client, you may feel nervous. In this way, you can see the positioning has a great effect on the progress of the conversation. Then how can we make both ourselves and the client feel comfortable? Think about the value and benefit of your work.

It’s a job with mutual benefit. The client can meet their needs of purchasing while you can increase your turnover and gain profit. It’s a win-win trade. So why don’t you take an attitude of being optimistic and happy to do it? Then the communication will go smoothly and plesantly.