What is Sale?

When talking about sales, people always regard it as a specific job intended for some fixed persons who sell something. In fact, everyone is a sales person in the daily or working life. When you try to sell your products or services to the clients, you are a salesman; when you try to persuade your manager, your boss or your wife accepting your suggestion, you are also selling your ideas thus being a “salesperson”.

In our daily life, we are always coming up with some ideas and try our best to make others accept them so as to reach our goal. This is also sale. Therefore, sale is not only selling things, it’s a topic which we will meet every day.

Since sale is so common and important in our daily life, do you have a right understanding? I’m afraid most of us not. Then, let’s discuss sale in details in this passage.

1. Sale never means asking you to change anyone What are the frequent problems we will meet when we do sales? Most people think it will be your clients’ suspicion, rejection or other bad response. Have you ever thought about why it happens? This unwanted response is resulted from your focus on changing others.

What you always aim at is to make your client accept and follow your opinion so that they will buy your products or services. Can you really change other persons? The answer is definitely no, but when you are selling, you can’t help doing so, which will only cause others’ dislike.

When we are trying to change others, the only result you can get is failure; when you meet too much failure without realizing the reason, you will feel frustrated and depressed. Therefore, never do this stupid thing!

2. The success of sales depends on the clients’ good impression on you. Successful selling depending on emails, post, magazines or newspaper only account for 3%, while other 97% is done by people, because the persuasiveness of pictures, words and other materials can never be equal to people’s salesmanship.

Man can find out what the clients really want and build a friendly relationship with them. Relationship is very important in your promotion. If the client dislike you, no matter how good your products or service are, they won’t buy it; but if the client think you are nice and kind, your convincingness will works. Therefore, be careful about making a good impression on your client and set up a good relationship with them.