Note: Ayrton Senna, he is now my favourite driver because of the translating job I did.

Maybe you are a skilled translator to and you’ve already done some translation work, paid or pro-bono, or maybe you are completely new to the business and are wondering if being a translator may be the job for you or if you can do it well.

Obviously, you are facing or you used to face the one question, why you want to be a translator. But for me, I’ve never doubted it. To be a skilled and professional translator is all I want to do when I join this company.

And I am cleared about the reason why I join here than anybody else. I think, I have learnt much during the 9 months I worked here. Of course my professional skills have improved a lot, and I have known many colleagues here who are really hardworking and talented. But the most important for me is that, it opens a window for me to see the world.

In November last year, I received a project which is related to travel. The articles described the world around Indian Ocean with flowery words, including the beautiful sceneries, the blue and clear sea water, the delicious food and besotting native culture, the magnificent marine life and all kinds of relaxing and exciting activities to take, which makes me obsessed. The translation goes on smoothly, and I am proudly to talk with my friends, I am doing something I like.

And now I am handling a brochure from one of the leading watch making companies in the world, the Oris. And I get to know a lot about watches, such as the long and rough development history of the mechanical, how to distinguish is a watch is exquisite or not.

And I also get to know the Formula one race. There is an article tells the story of the legendary Williams F1 team, as well as the talented, but tragic driver Ayrton Senna. I was deeply moved by his story, so I watched a documentary about him.

I am really fascinated with his life and the miracles he achieved during his short but extraordinary life. To be a better translator, to do much better translating job are really where my interest lies. I do it because I love it, not merely because I want to get paid.

I really enjoy these articles, and I feel proud and lucky that it is me to translate them into Chinese, to make more people here get to feel what I have felt. For this reason, I am determined to be a better translator, for it gives me the chance to experience another world built by words.