It is the next half of December, also the end of 2011. I think I should conclude my work in CCJK. I can still remember clearly I promised to join in this company when I talked with our manage Ben. I decided it so quickly just because I agree with the company principles ”Good Character Makes Good Business; Be Grateful to Clients, Parents, the Company and Employees”. Besides, I found that Ben is a kind manager who is easy-going.

Well, let’s come back to the topic. I would like to use three “Whats” to conclude my last one and half month job.

First, what I have done? I have translated 49125 words which refer to various fields, such as finance, food, brochure, and video. Some tasks were easy to be translated, such as questionnaires. However, others were difficult to be done, such as finance, because there were some professional vocabularies and usage.

Second, what I have got? I have got great experience of translation. Keeping consistency is very important during the same translation project. If so, it will be useful for reader to understand. The suitable expression way is also very important. We translate project not only to transfer the language simply, but also make target language reader understand it easily and comfortably. Therefore, sometimes we should consider how to translate it properly. By the way, this point is also mentioned by our editor. She suggests that I should translate it by formal language not oral language.

Thirdly, what I should or will do in the future? Firstly, to improve translation level is a necessary and urgent thing. It is not suitable to use too many oral English in translation. In converse, formal English expression should be used in translation, especially in professional reports. In the future, I will increase the suitable idiom quantity which can make sentence shorter, simpler and more elegant. Besides, I also will make expression accord with our Chinese language habit. Secondly, as a translator, speed is important, too. Speed is related with company’s benefit and our own income. In condition of promising quality, I will pay attention to improve my translation speed.

At last, I really give my thanks to Ben who bought some translation books and sent some significant blogs for us. I also would like to give my thanks to editors, such as editor Felicity who told me to pay attention to the language expression, editor George who helps me point out issues and sends me his final compiling files in time. I will read more books related with translation and do practice to improve skills and to make progress.