Diversity management is a part of human resource management, it through management diversity organization to gain the benefit form the differences. It differences between traditional value and the policy base of equal opportunities. Rajvinder Kandola and Joanna Fullerton‟s (1998) the course of the management by diversity is an acceptance that the employees consists of people who different from one another in ways that are both appreciable and non-appreciable, including factors such as background, sex, age, race, personality, disability and work style.

Diversity management harnessing these differences in order to achieve the goal of organizations to more effective workplace, utilises the talents of all employees, and makes employees feel valued. Different people has different feeling, diversity management means according to the deferent people use the different method make them feel happy and effect on their work.

2. National culture on diversity in organizations

2.1 globalization economic

Earley, Ang, and Tan’s(2006, pp. 1-2)argued that, the globalization will become a significant important trent of economic developing and globalization is also a popular word today. It development the physical borders like time and space, develop nation-states and economies, develop cultures and industries. Complex global matrix relationships and the difficult communicate skills have been into the workplace.

At present, the immigration increased in the European and it is influenced in political, economic and labour market, so that maybe the native will not the main labour force in the market. For instance, in the UK the workers who born abroad were 40 percent in British citizens, the figure is easy to see foreign employments are replacing British workers. (times 02 12 2009) And then global economic made the people work together who come from different countries and has the different cultures.

Consequently, how to build individual and organizational ability to meet the social is necessary, and people have to learn the skill of communicate with other people who has the difference culture, in the other words relationship increasingly is also important.

According to that, the increasing preoccupation with managing cultural diversity is concernedly in light of current work force trends. (Adler,1991; cox, 1990, 1993; Jackson & Associates, 1992) have a good diversity management is also urgent and the basic of establishment.

Evidently, the management and training programs concerned with cultural diversity has not been adapted from parallel theoretical or research development in organizational behavior (Alderfer & Thomas, 1998; cox, 1991; cox & Nkomo, 1990)

Racial discrimination in diversity labor market

The United States Department of labor is diversity, that because United States is a big Country of immigrants; there are Africa Americans, Hispanic and Latino. Consequently, the experienced is difficult for labor market which individuals in all race and ethnicity groups, labour marker problems for Africa Americans, Hispanic and Latinos were significant acute.

The rate of Hispanic and blacks’ workforce are more than whites and Asians but the rate of unemployed is also more than whites and Asians. For instance, the Reuters reported on 21 March 2011 that “There are sixteen black and Hispanic production workers who are suing the Coca-Cola Company, claiming they have been forced to work in a “cesspool of racial discrimination.”

The lawsuit is accusing the popular cola company of ‘relegating minorities to less favorable assignments, unfair disciplinary action and retaliation for complaining.’ “Coca-Cola circles its wagons and calls (the plaintiffs) ‘nuts’ and ‘ingrates,’ ” said their lawyer, Steven Morelli.

Coca Cola merchandiser Sondra Walker said that when she was hired at the Maspeth plant, she felt like she “had hit Lotto” because Coca Cola is such a prestigious company. “I’ve never been called so many names as I have been at Coca-Cola,” Walker told the Daily News, citing “Nappy Head” and “Aunt JaMamma” as examples.”

The racial discrimination problem is a social sensitive problem, in diversity labour market how to treat that problem and solution it, which is immediately. Consequently, the manager should use the diversity management to treat different people, exploit them to do which is their genius, then do better.

Kandola andFullerton(1998, p. 8). “Managing diversity, if it has an overriding image of an organisation, is to see it as a mosaic. Differences come together to create a whole organisation in much the same way that pieces of a mosaic come together to create a pattern.

Each piece is acknowledged, accepted and has a place in the whole structure”. That means, managing diversity is not just about focus on issues of discrimination, but about make true that all people in organisation maximise their potential and their contribution.

Equal opportunities, especially with its interest in anti-discrimination, is main of the diversity, however managing diversity has a more positive issue which says that find people’s value and enabling them to take full potential to work, will make the workplace and organisation more inviting and will benefit the long-term vitality and profitability.

However, the organization should exploit the benefit of diversity workforce, to learn and understand the differences of culture then organization should use multicultural make people work together and communicate with each other and respect the multicultural.