After the establishment and operation of an enterprise-level website, we need continuous and regular website content updates, allowing website operation to be controlled in good condition.

With the global Internet ever-changing innovation, the website needs to adapt to market needs, this requires a systematic management process to deal with daily website maintenance and emergency issues.

However, maintaining the integrity of the website system is an arduous and complicated task, especially if your website needs frequent updates that will be a big challenge for the enterprises, even because of improper maintenance that leads to websites cannot be browsed.

Do you want to leave the trouble behind?

CCJK maintenance technicians can handle all of the maintenance trouble for you, so that you can focus on other strategic issues on the website, meanwhile, it also reduces the maintenance costs for enterprises to be used as employing professional technicians. We sincerely hope CCJK website maintenance can meet your needs and provide you with the best maintenance services.

What kind of website maintenance we provide?

Keeping quality and quantity as well as uniformity in the process of website maintenance is very difficult, but our dedicated website maintenance team is capable of handling the most complex task, your website will show the latest state through frequent updates and upgrades. Routine maintenance tasks usually include the following:

1. Add, modify and delete website content;

2. Website graphics, Flash and others’ designation and modification;

3. Add new website features;

4. Multi-lingual website maintenance, provide additional and changed translation and localization services;

We offer two kinds of website maintenance packages

We offer short-term and long-term website maintenance packages for the business owners to select.

Charge by the hour maintenance package

1. If your website needn’t to be updated frequently, you can choose charge by the hour maintenance package will, and it will satisfy your needs

2. We charge the minimum fee at $ 18 / h.

3. For website content translation and localization, you need to provide additional cost.

Long-term maintenance package

1. If your website requires frequent updates, choose the long-term maintenance package will best suit your needs.

2. Long-term website maintenance package includes the following services:

1) Priority Service, shorter maintenance cycle (1-2 days).

2) Depending on your needs to update or create the new HTML webpage.

3) Image scanning, editing, optimizing, and adding pictures to the website.

4) Check and correct all links within the website.

5) Exclude changes in website layout, database and ASP, ASP, NET, PHP, JSP, CF, Javascript and other programming changes.

6) $ 15 / h. By at least 5 hours per month to count, you can determine the hours by actual updated quantity

7) For website content translation and localization, you need to provide additional cost.

As a professional website maintenance enterprise, CCJK has successfully provided various types of website maintenance services to different corporate. Please click: the case

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