With the revolution and development of the Internet, online business goes through the period from coming-up, development, and being mature, which has a huge impact on traditional business, mainly by face-to-face communication. Web sales are part of e-business, consisting of enterprise website service, e-business website service, website maintenance service, graphic design service, SEO service and so on.

A good web salesman is always the type of person who knows the following two items, namely the service to provide and the requirements of the clients. After having a very good understanding of its own service, then the salesman can try to attract prospects or clients online. Then it comes to the question” how to attract customers or clients online?”

In my opinion, firstly, choosing a third-party sales website with good reputation corresponding with the service is of great importance. The main foreign third-party sales websites are as follows: Elance, Odesk, Vworker, Guru, Freelancer, Scriptlance.

Secondly, obtain the required information including clients’ name, address, contact information, contact person and clients’ requirements. To be more effective, an Excel spreadsheet can be made for the purpose of getting clearer of the prospects and making wise decisions. Thirdly, contact the prospects or clients through various methods like email, Skype, MSN and telephone.

The importance of email communication should be highly emphasized. For instance, if you want to tell the clients that the email contains an attachment, you can express in this way” Enclosed please find the attachment per your request” rather than” Please see the attachment”.

The former is much more native and polite than the latter one. Always remember that showing your sincerity, truthfulness is one of the key factors for getting the clients’ trust.
Compared to traditional ways of business transactions, doing business online is more promising and cost-saving. As part of the online business, web sales have bright future as long as long as the clients, third party sales website and the supplier show truthfulness.