As everything in life, to turn into a professional RM it is required that the respective person really likes his work, else it is only a never ending hell, and the Japanese people are the no.1 example of enjoying what they are doing.

I learnt from a Japanese article that one can not draw a conclusion on whether he or she likes his or her job unless he or she has been doing that job for three years.
Being a professional RM, I must keep the following consciousnesses in mind and the following abilities in progress.

Consciousnesses need to be kept in mind:



Time & Jet lag

Abilities which need to be kept in progress:

Ability to write well;

Ability to be patient and careful;

Ability to search and browse the internet quickly and efficiently;

Ability to negotiating with clients on the price or the deadline, etc.

There are obviously lots of other ways to improve my ability, but those are the most important I have used when I started working as a RM. The daily schedule is normal; my inbox is organized and clean;I am becoming more patient and talkable, thanks to the to-do list and progress check.

Few of those might sound strange to you and it might take a longer time for you to get used to them, but once you manage to, you will see visible results and an improved working life.