From all the places where I’ve gone and people I’ve met told me the way I work with people and the way I see my purpose in the world.

Up to now from I joined CCJK, in some little cases I found that there are due to have some reasons why some countries can been strong so long a time. When I was in Malaysia, there are also some other youths from other states who have an internship there just like us.

Two of them are German and what mostly impressed me is the rigorous thinking habits of the Germans. During the internship we had many workshops in each period. And in each one of them we need to make the whole arrangement by ourselves through group participation. And then I realized that the rigorous thinking habit is already an integral part of their daily life.

Before every workshop began, we made detailed plan about everything. And the two German girls show me their good logic and clear thinking. No matter how small the things are, they plan it patiently all the way. When we in the trip of Melaka this point became even more prominent.

They even prefer not to go to the travel if they did not have planed everything well before the journey! But when I take care of the IT project now, I was a little disappointment in this regard. Except the project has been delayed several times in its process, the results are also not meet the client’s expectation.

The client said: Thank you for sending me the artist’s image of the loudspeaker but it is not what I am looking for because the perspective is strange and it looks very very much like a painted picture. Maybe it is difficult to create an image that looks very real and I think it is better that the artist does not do any more work on it.

As a supplier it obviously our fault to let the customer say that words. It not only over the deadline but also disappoint our client and lose their trust. So what I mean is that our technicist need to improve their sense of responsibility and habit of rigorous thinking in each job. Even though everyone have their own awkward situation and need to mutual understanding. But we also need to find a best way to solve this problem perfectly!