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As we know, English is a language which is widest used in the world. Almost all translation companies provide service in the field because of its widest usage. In our company, CCJK, not only provide English translation service but also provides other language translation service including Portuguese, Serbian, Georgian, Romanian, Hindi, Tagalog, Korean and so on. Ukrainian Translation is one of them.

Profile of Ukraine
Ukraine, once a member of the former Soviet Union, announced to be an independent country in 1991. Ukraine, with a territory of 603.7 thousand square kilometers, has a population of 45.8 million (updated in January 1, 2011), ethnical Ukraine for 77 percent and ethnical Russia for 20 percent. The official language is Ukraine and Russian is also widely used.

Trade Business with Other Countries
Ukraine has commercial connection with almost 190 countries all over the world, one of which is Russia dominate both in export and import. In addition, the countries in turn are Germany, Turkey, Italy, USA, China and Poland based on export volume, and that are Germany, Turkmenistan, Poland, Italy and China, according to import volume.

As shown above, China is one of the major countries which have close relationship both in export and import. According to customs statistics, the bilateral trade between China and Ukraine achieved 10.411 billion U.S. dollars in 2011,raising by 34.7% compared with that of 2010, which had reached the peak over past two decades since diplomatic relation between Ukraine and China was established.

“The number indicates both are interested in collaboration with each other, and there is tremendous potential in economy, trade and investment between Ukraine and China,” said Kesijianke,the Ukrainian ambassador. Kesijianke also pointed, Ukraine and China would cooperate in big investment projects and agriculture.

Why Choose Us?
For translation between Ukrainian and Chinese, all the statistics and proposed projects demonstrates that more and more translation service will be needed in Ukrainian and Chinese translation. We have professional translators and CCJK only assigns language translation tasks to its handpicked professional translators specializing in the very industry that your source text concerns. Punctual delivery, prompt communication and seamless workflow are other features on CCjk’s service.

To contact us conveniently, a project manager will be assigned for each language translation project, whom the client may contact anytime.  CCJK has a streamlined language translation process, which effectively cuts down the necessary labor time and enabled CCJK to handle large volumes of translation work in the shortest time. We also offer free quote, listen to every little bit of clients’ requirement and revise and deliver the final document only when clients are totally satisfied with it. You can visit our website to learn more details on CCJK’s service.

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