Tujia.com CEO Luo Jun Confirms Completion of 100m USD Financing

早在 2014 年 4 月,坊间就有传言途家网 C 轮落定的消息,品橙旅游曾致电罗军求证,被告知“还不到时候”,而选择在 C 轮融资全部到账之后宣布,也体现了途家网罗军的行事风格,快中有稳。

As early as April 2014, the news that Tujia.com’s third round of financing had been finalized spread; Pinchain.com once sought Mr. Luo’s confirmation but was told “not yet”. Mr. Luo’s selection to announce the completion after the funds raised have been totally credited into account also reflects his style to do things: fast but steady.

途家网 2011 年 12 月 1 日上线,是“分享经济”的典型代表,着力于消化住房存量,提高资源利用率,与中国互联网用车第一品牌“易到用车”类似。针对市场上对途家与 Airbnb、HomeAway 模式趋于同质化的看法,罗军也曾经表示,途家不是翻版的 Airbnb, 也不是中国的 HomeAway,途家打造的是集自营度假租赁平台、第三方经营者平台、管家服务三位一体的经营模式。

Launched on December 1, 2011, Tujia.com is a typical example of “sharing economy” and similar to Yongche.com, the leading brand on China’s online car rental market, it focuses on digesting the stock of housings and increasing the resource utilization. For the perspective that Tujia.com’s is increasingly homogenized with Airbnb & HomeAway, Mr. Luo once said Tujia.com is neither the clone of Airbnb nor the Chinese version of HomeAway and it creates a business model integrating the self-operated vacation rental platform, the third-party operator platform and the housekeeper service.

From: The Cyzone

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