First search for the Chinese website of the company who publishes the manual; if the website exists, browse it to get knowledge of the background and confirm if there are some materials in Chinese which may be referenced in translation.

If the above is not sufficient, the translator can take use of the Internet, i.e., a method named GAG: first searching in Google, then in Answers and Google again.

  1. Google ( type the key word to be searched in Google and judge the meaning from the translation.
  2. Answers ( type the key word and look at the explanations and example sentences in English and judge which one is the best.
  3. Google ( type the key word and the matched Chinese meaning you have found, so as to check if the meaning is suitable.

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Before using your Kessler Crane in the field, practise assembly and operation of the unit in a controlled envrionment such as your studio or warehouse. Please be sure that all those who will be using and operating the crane are present and understand how to use it safely.

Google: Kessler Crane 看上去是个产品。在Google中输入后马上就查到这家公司,并且知道他们的公司名与产品名相同,不仅如此,还能很快找到产品的相关资料,以及示意图。

Answers: 由于公司和产品名称词典上没有收录,可以跳过这步。

Google: 输入“Kessler Crane 吊车”。如果发现结果,就基本可以判定Kessler公司是否已有中文译名。如果没有发现结果,就基本可以判定Kessler公司尚没有译名,可以自行酌情处理。


Except determinating the meaning from the above-mentioned GAG method, the translator may also make judgement from the context.


In the summer, the submarine passed it sea trils even though the officials were aware that the submarine had a faulty induction valve, part of the system that circulated fresh air inside the submarine.

Here the word “induction valve” may means “感应阀” or “导气阀”。


上下文已经说了 “induction valve” 是潜艇内新鲜空气循环系统的组成部分,所以是导入、导流的意思。既然导的是空气,那就可以翻译成“导气阀”。

Some simple words may have up to 20 meanings, so translators must verify the suitable meaning carefully. For these kinds of words,technical translator shall preferably judge the meaning from the context.