News reports that the Japanese called “報道文(或は新聞記事)”,Mainly refers to the reports made by the media recently happened, the content may relate to any one area. News reports require timely, concise and objective, therefore, the translation of the news reports should be noted that in plain language, unequivocally expressed in the original reports, simple and clean, at a glance. Hanged rare, difficult or intense emotional expressions.

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The sentence structure should also be clear and concise as little as possible with more than repeat the sentence complex sentences. In addition, as the Japanese news reports, in the words and sentences has its own characteristics, which must be observed:

First ,The new vocabulary is emerging, most of which is a foreign text, how appropriateness to translate new words (including foreign language) is one of the important issues of translating a Japanese news story.

Second, more nouns ending. Nouns ending “is a break the routine and the direct use of the term knot rhetorical method. Japanese Language Translated into Chinese should be flexible depending on the circumstances.

Third ,The pursuit of simplicity and eye-catching effect, the title often used, such as the term ended, “名詞止め” ,”省略”, “倒置”special syntax, the translation to reflect the effect of the original, the appropriate treatment depending on the circumstances.

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